Burning feet cause and treatment
June 10 2016

Burning feet can be caused by a number of conditions - some are local and minor. A burning foot may be due to local conditions or may indicate a more serious general medical problem. Burning feet can keep people awake at night and be a source of continuous pain. It is more common in those over the age of 50 years.

Cause of burning feet
Those with diabetes may experience burning feet as part of the neuropathy that is beginning.
Other types of neuropathy (nerve damage) that can cause a burning foot include those that occur in chronic alcoholism, vitamin deficiencies (usually B) and heavy metal poisoning
Blood disorders (eg thrombocytopenia, pernicious anemia) can cause burning feet

Reflex sympathetic dystrophy or complex regional pain syndrome can follow trauma (including surgery) and cause a burning foot sensation
Nerve entrapments, such as tarsal tunnel syndrome, which is the compression of a nerve at the inside of the ankle joint can cause a burning sensation

A localized burning sensation may be due to other specific problems. If its in the forefoot only, it could be metatarsalgia, Morton's neuroma or some other cause. Athletes foot or a fungal infection can also cause a burning sensation in the area of the infection.

Are there any herbal remedies for Morton's neuroma?
   Not that I am aware of.

It could also be due to a sensitivity to chemical substances in socks and shoes (contact dermatitis)

International Journal of General Medicine. 2015. Burning feet in polycythemia vera - peripheral sensorimotor axonal neuropathy with erythromelalgia. Polycythemia vera is a rare myeloproliferative disease. Cutaneous symptoms are uncommon. We report about a 72-year-old female patient with JAK2(V617F) -positive polycythemia who developed peripheral sensorimotor axonal neuropathy and erythromelalgia.

Natural treatment
My husband has had burning feet for quite awhile - I have tried to do research for this problem and the most obvious info was that diabetes can cause that; however, he has gone to the Dr. twice in the last 3 years and both times they said he didn't have diabetes. However, this summer the Dr. sent him to a neurologist who ended up giving him the drug gabapentin. Any and all research info I can find on that drug points to Seizures, etc.. We cannot imagine why he was given these gabapentin pills, even though he did take them and when he went back for a dr. visit they left him in a little waiting room for l hr. and 10 minutes until he got fed up and left. Now, somewhere I read that vitamin B5 was good for burning feet; but have not found anything.
   I have not studied the natural treatment of burning feet.