Chrysin supplement health benefit, 500 mg capsule, side effects, and influence on testosterone levels,
April 6 2015 by Ray Sahelian, M.D. review of research studies

Chrysin is a natural, biologically active flavonoid compound extracted from many plants, honey and propolis. Does this substance stimulate testosterone release? Does it help those who are interested in having bigger muscles? Few human studies are available to review in order to get a better sense of the role this flavonoid plays in health and disease.

Health benefits
Chrysin possesses potent anti-inflammation and anti-oxidation properties. This nutrient is able to suppress liposacharide-induced COX-2 protein and mRNA expression in a dose-dependent manner.

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CHRYSIN-500MG-DR-SAHELIAN-F.JPGChrysin (5,7-Dihydroxyflavone) is a bioflavonoid found in the plant Passiflora coerula, a member of the passion flower family.

Supplement Facts:
Chrysin 500 mg per each pill (5, 7- Dihydroxyflavone)




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Usage: Take 1 capsule per day, or as directed by your qualified health consultant. The long term effects of taking this supplement daily for months and years is currently not known.

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Q. I haven't tried Passion Rx yet (am considering it), but I was wondering why chrysin is not included in the formula? Some men seem to feel this supplement has really helped to reduce the level of estrogen and boost their testosterone levels.
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Biochem Pharmacol. 2014. Chrysin attenuates inflammation by regulating M1/M2 status via activating PPARγ.

Blood vessel dilation
Effects of the dietary flavonoid chrysin in isolated rat mesenteric vascular bed.
J Vasc Res. 2004.
This nutrient shows vasodilator effects on resistance vessels, which depend partially on the functional endothelium and appear to be related to the nitric oxide / cGMP pathway and, possibly to the release of endothelium-derived hyperpolarizing factor

COX-2 suppression, anti inflammatory activity
Chrysin suppresses lipopolysaccharide-induced cyclooxygenase-2 expression through the inhibition of nuclear factor for IL-6 (NF-IL6) DNA-binding activity.
FEBS Lett. 2005.
Chrysin significantly suppressed the LPS-induced COX-2 protein and mRNA expression in a dose-dependent manner. These results will provide new insights into the anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic properties of this chemical.

Sexual enhancement, virility
Beneficial effects of chrysin and benzoflavone on virility in 2-year-old male rats.
J Med Food. 2002.
This work describes the potential usefulness of bioflavonoids for countering the deleterious effects of aging on male sexuality in 2-year-old rats. A flavone chrysin from Passiflora caerulea and a benzoflavone moiety recently isolated from Passiflora incarnata were administered to 2-year-old male rats for a period of 30 days. After cessation of these treatments, there was a significant improvement in overall sexual functions in the rats given bioflavonoids. Both treated groups had increased sperm count, greater fertilization potential, and greater litter size when they were allowed to interact with proven proestrous female rats of a similar strain. Plant flavonoids have great potential for clinical and therapeutic applications against the physiological and biochemical effects of aging.

Influence on testosterone levels
There are claims that chrysin stimulates the release of testosterone. Since it is available as an herbal supplement, some users, for instance body builders, are taking it with the hope of raising testosterone levels or stimulating testosterone production. One study listed below did not find chrysin supplementation leads to any significant increase in testosterone production.

What's your opinion on chrysin stimulating testosterone release?
   I have seen one human trial where chrysin in the form of propolis was given and levels of testosterone measured over a period of three weeks. There was no increase in testosterone. Therefore, these claims of influencing testosterone are premature at this time.

Effects of chrysin on urinary testosterone levels in human males.
J Med Food. 2003.
The equilibrium of sexual hormones in both sexes is controlled in vertebrates by the enzyme aromatase, a member of the cytochrome P450 superfamily, which catalyzes the conversion of androstenedione and testosterone into estrone and estradiol, respectively. One flavonoid, chrysin, found in high concentrations in honey and propolis, has been shown to be an inhibitor of aromatase enzyme activity. The aim of this study was to verify if daily treatment for 21 days with propolis and honey, containing chrysin, would modify urinary concentrations of testosterone in volunteer male subjects. The obtained data did not show alterations of the levels of testosterone in the volunteers after 7, 14, and 21 days of treatment. The use of these foods for 21 days at the doses usually taken as oral supplementation does not have effects on the equilibrium of testosterone in human males.

Chrysin side effects, safety, danger, risk
No major chrysin side effects have yet been reported in the medical literature> However, this is not surprising since hardly any human trials have been done with supplements to determine if this flavonoid has any side effects.

Chrysin cream
Do you have any information on chrysin cream and whether this form is effective?
    I have not come across such information yet.

I read on a web site that chrysin and piperine are a good combination and one should take piperine together with this flavonoid. Is this combination necessary?
    There are many claims that piperine helps the absorption of certain supplements or herbs, however, in most cases, these supplements and herbs are so well absorbed by themselves, anyway, that I don't see the need to add piperine.