April 8 2015

HP Ingredients, the manufacturer and supplier of Citricoma a clinically formulated proprietary blend of polymethoxylated flavones and Eurycoma longjack has announced the results of a new human clinical study that substantiates earlier research demonstrating efficacy of Citricoma on promoting favorable anabolic balance and promoting healthy weight loss.

The six-week placebo-controlled study of 50 moderately overweight men and women sought to elucidate the role of Citricoma in a holistic program of nutritional diet, exercise and stress management.

Overall, says Annie Eng, president of HP Ingredients, the results are truly exciting, and portend a widely available tool for people to use to gently, safely and effectively achieve a healthy weight.

At the end of the six weeks, the researchers noted the following results:
Body weight loss was 2.7 kg for the Citricoma group compared to .78 for the placebo group;
Body fat loss was 2.4 kg for the Citricoma group and 0.55 kg for the placebo group;
Cortisol / Testosterone ratio was -15% for the Citricoma group and +7% for the placebo group;
Total cholesterol lowered by 17% and LDL lowered by 15% for the Citricoma group and no change for the placebo group; and
Attrition Rate of 10% for Citricoma group compared to between 30 and 60% for other popular weight loss programs.

The polymethoxylated flavones found in this product represent a class of flavonoids extracted from citrus peels.

Eurypeptides, the active ingredients in Eurycoma longifolia, are long chains of amino acids that enhance high energy levels by maintaining normal levels of cortisol and testosterone during weight loss (anabolic state).