Congenital Nystagmus by Ray Sahelian, M.D.
April 17 2015

Nystagmus is an eye disorder characterized by repetitive, involuntary back and forth movement of the eyes. When it is found in an infant, it is referred to as congenital nystagmus. Most of the time, congenital nystagmus is diagnosed by 3 months of age. Most infants with this condition have poor eyesight, and the degree of severity depends on the underlying cause. The most frequently known causes of this disorder include: albinism, Leber's congenital amaurosis, aniridia (congenital absence of the iris), optic nerve hypoplasia (underdeveloped optic nerves). Other disorders that result in poor vision or blindness at birth, such as congenital cataracts and macular disorders may also cause congenital nystagmus. There are also a number of cases where the cause is not explained.

Natural treatment, a report from a person who emailed us.
In case you are interested in feedback on Eyesight Rx, I will tell you my experience so far. The first day I took a tablet and didn't see much of a change. The next day I eliminated the Sudafed for sinus and the coffee and I took a pill and I slept fine but not much change. The third day I took a pill and started to notice subtle changes in clarity and definition and clearer night vision. I have not had trouble sleeping since the first time but I noticed more of an appetite but no weight change. I have taken a pill for 2 more days and see subtle improvements daily like more definition in grass and trees and colors a little brighter. I have a condition that is not correctable (congenital nystagmus) so any improvement is welcome. Also I take fish oil pills (as you recommended in your book) and multi-vitamin, eye vitamins with antioxidants (recommended by my eye doctor). Addendum: I was born with albinism and my vision is corrected to 20/80. I went to see a new eye doctor recently who recommended eye vitamins for improving Macular pigment. He was not sure they would improve vision but felt they would prevent further problems. I told him about what I read in Dr. Sahelian's  book - Mind Boosters - about fish oils and EPA / DHA and he said it was I good idea. I take 4 pills a day. It actually helps. So far I like the Eyesight Rx because I notice the word looks more defined almost more 3D. I have a 6 month appointment in August so the doctor can take another picture of my retina to see if the vitamins helped.