Euphrasia officinalis herb health benefit and review of published studies

Euphrasia officinalis has been traditionally used as a treatment for eye strain and tired eyes. Another use has been hay fever.

As of 2014, no human studies with Euphrasia officinalis could be found on Medline.

Historical uses of Euphrasia officinalis
Herbalists in the Middle Ages used Euphrasia officinalis herb, either by itself, or in combination with other herbs to relieve certain inflammatory eye problems. Perhaps the tannins in Euphrasia officinalis benefit in terms of anti-inflammatory properties. Unfortunately there is so little modern research done with it to know its full benefit and side effects. Whether Euphrasia officinalis is of benefit for ocular allergy is still not known for sure however many natural eye formulas include this herb in their formula.

Does eyebright herb improve vision?
    The effects of eyebright herb on Eyesight or Vision are minimal compared to carotenoids such as lutein and zeaxanthin and a combination formula. Eyebright herb may have other benefits, so it is okay to use it along with carotenoids.