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July 2 2017 by
Ray Sahelian, M.D.

Eyebright is the name of a group of plants belonging to the figwort family. They have whitish flowers streaked with purple. The name indicates their traditional use as an eye-medicine. There is some folklore that says eyebright improves vision, and perhaps it does so in a subtle way but the formula Eyesight Rx works much, much better. I am not much impressed with the immediate influence of this herb on vision, I don't think it does much in any obvious way, at least in the short term, but some studies show that it has some subtle influences. There are many other supplements that have a more profound effect on visual acuity.

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Historically used to support healthy eye function
Herbal Eyebright Dietary Supplement
Euphrasia officinalis is a small annual herb native to Europe. The flowering Eyebright herb has been used since the Middle Ages by herbalists and was cultivated in monastery herb gardens.

The historical use of eyebright herb for eye problems was due in part to the 16th century, of a plant's appearance indicating its use, called the Doctrine of Signatures.
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Recommendation: As an addition to the daily diet, take one or two eyebright capsules 1 to 2  times daily, preferably with food.
Supplement Facts: Eyebright (stem, leaf, flower) 420 mg per pill

Eyesight Rx helps Improve Vision
Vitamin C  (Ascorbic acid)
Citrus bioflavonoids (eriocitrin, hesperidin, flavonols, flavones, naringenin, flavonoids, and quercetin)
Mixed carotenoids (alpha carotene, astaxanthin, beta carotene, cryptoxanthin,
Lutein, Lycopene, and Zeaxanthin)
Bilberry extract (Vaccinium myrtillus)
Jujube extract (Zizyphus jujube)
Ginkgo biloba herbal extract
Mucuna pruriens extract (Cowhage)
Cinnamon (Cinnamomum zeylanicum)
Lycium berry extract (Lycium Barbarum) - also known as Goji Berry
Alpha Lipoic Acid low dosage

Historical uses of eyebright herb - Benefit
Herbalists in the Middle Ages used eyebright herb, either by itself, or in combination with other herbs to relieve certain inflammatory Eye and Vision problems. Perhaps the tannins in eyebright benefit in terms of anti-inflammatory properties. Unfortunately there is so little modern research done with eyebright to know its full benefit and side effects. Whether eyebright is of benefit for ocular allergy is still not known for sure.

Balkan Med J. 2014. Assessment of eyebright (euphrasia officinalis) extract activity in relation to human corneal cells using in vitro tests. Euphrasia officinalis L. is an herb traditionally used in folk medicine, mainly in the treatment of eye disorders. The present study analyzed the activity of three extracts of E. officinalis L. (ethanol, ethyl acetate and heptane) on cultured human corneal epithelial cells. In vitro study. Toxicity, free radical scavenging activity and the immunomodulatory effects of the extracts were tested using the thiazolyl blue tetrazolium bromide (MTT) or Neutral Red, 2,2-Diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl (DPPH) and ELISA tests, respectively. Moreover, nitric oxide levels and cytoskeleton architecture were analyzed after corneal cell incubation with the plant extracts. We show that the biological effect depended on both the concentration and the extraction solvent used. Heptane extracts, distinct from those in ethanol and ethyl acetate, were toxic to 10.014 pRSV-T cells at low concentrations (25 μg/mL) and did not demonstrate free radical scavenging effects. All tested extracts decreased pro-inflammatory cytokine expression (IL-1β, IL-6 and TNF-α) and also anti-inflammatory IL-10 expression by human corneal cells when the extracts were added to the cell culture medium for 24 h. In conclusion, we show that the promising effects of the application of E. officinalis L. preparations as a supplementary therapy for eye disorders are associated with the ethanol and ethyl acetate extracts, not the heptane extract.

Composition and ingredients
Just like many plants, eyebright herb has flavonoids and some tannins.

Eyebright is sold in various extract potencies including 4:1 Flavonoids. Eyebright tea is also available.

Eyebright side effects, risk, allergy
I cannot not find eyebright side effects listed in the medical literature. Although rare, an allergic reaction to eyebright herb is possible. Discuss with your doctor any eyebright side effects that seems unusual.

First of all, thank you for your very informative website. I received my order of eyebright bottle and took my first tablet this morning. Tonight I have noticed that my skin has been itching. Your info doesn't list itching as a side effect, but when I googled it, I found that this is an adverse event. The itching is not bad. A little scratching has relieved it for now. I would like to know if this will subside? How do you suggest I proceed with dosage? I'm also feeling a little "flushed". Don't know if this is just hormones or not. Could this be a side effect as well? Just wanted to ask and get your advice before I continue.
   it is possible that allergic reactions could occur in rare cases and perhaps this herb may not be suitable for you. Unusual reactions can occur to certain herbal products and they are difficult to predict since there is no standard testing that can be done to determine who would be prone to them.

Composition of eyebright species
I am not sure how closely Euphrasia officinalis and Euphrasia brevipila are related. Substances in the latter include polysaccharides, iridoids, phenolic acids, and flavonoids, aucubin; chlorogenic, ferulic, and caffeic acids; apigenin; luteolin; diosmetin; cinaroside; and cosmosiin.

Acta Pharm Hung. 2009. Antioxidant activity of different phenolic fractions separated from Euphrasia rostkoviana Hayne.

Eyebright Herb Research study
Identification and determination of effective components in Euphrasia regelii by capillary zone electrophoresis.
Biomed Chromatogr. 2004.
A capillary zone electrophoresis method has been developed for simultaneous determination of eukovoside, cinnamic acid and ferulic acid in Euphrasia regelii for the first time.

In vitro cytotoxic effect of some medicinal plants containing flavonoids.
Boll Chim Farm. 1996.
Aqueous, ethanolic and petroleum ether extracts of Citrus sinensis, Euphrasia officinalis eyebright herb, Glycyrrhiza glabra, Matricaria recutita, Rosa canina and Ruta graveolens have been studied. The cytotoxicity of the drugs assayed was evaluated "in vitro" by means of the dye test using cells of the Yoshida ascites sarcoma. The aqueous extract of Citrus sinensis; the petroleum ether extract of Glycyrrhiza glabra; the ethanolic and petroleum ether extracts of Rosa canina and the petroleum ether extract of Ruta graveolens showed a quite significative cytotoxic effect.

What do you think of a blend echinacea eyebright herb combination product?
   I have not seen studies evaluating eyebright in immune function, although I am quite certain it has an influence since almost all herbs have some sort of influence on immune cells.

Is there an advantage to eyebright tea versus the herb in a capsule?
   Probably not that much. The tea may have the whole herb and some eyebright capsules may have extracts as opposed to the whole herb.

I want to take eye bright but I have high blood pressure. Would it be ok to take this product?
   I have not seen any research or user feedback that indicates problems using it in those who have hypertension, but the decision rests with you and your doctor.

I ordered some eyebright eye drops from Wisdoms ways. Can I take this on the same day of the Eyesight Rx? Also, I take thyroid medication, Armour, and Twinlab daily vitamin with iron. Are these ok to take with it? I have to take my thyroid meds every day.
    We suggest trying each supplement by itself for a few days before combining. As to combining supplements and medications, we are not in a position to make such recommendations since your doctor knows your medical history and lab results. However, it is a good idea to take small amounts of supplements at first to make sure there are no interactions.

Is there any vitamin K in this herb?
   Not that I am aware of.