Green Food health benefit for heart disease, anti aging, longevity, antioxidant benefit, and cancer
October 16 2015

There are many green food supplements on the market that may be of benefit when used regularly. Many of these are considered super foods. They include a number of wonderful plant based herbs and extracts, algae, and juice concentrates. I believe it is quite healthy to add these to one's food consumption, perhaps not every day, but at least a few of times a week. Once you have finished a product, order another one from a different company with a different formulation and keep changing them so that you are exposed to a variety of plant substances.

Most of these products have
Alfafa Juice Concentrate
Barley Grass
Norwegian Kelp
Wheat grass

J Am Coll Nutr. 2013. An encapsulated juice powder concentrate improves markers of pulmonary function and cardiovascular risk factors in heavy smokers. Cigarette smoking is associated with reduced pulmonary function and increased risk factors for cardiovascular disease. This randomized placebo-controlled double-blind study evaluated the effects of two different combinations of mixed fruit and vegetable juice powder concentrate (Juice Plus+, NSA, Collierville, TN) on heavy smokers.

Products that I have tried
Essential Greens Drink Mix by Garden Greens
has aloe vera gel, Hawaiian blue-green algae, chlorella, barly greens, wheat grass, green tea, prebiotic fibers and plant based enzymes with vegetables including carrots, tomato, kale, and spinach.

Life Greens and Berries powder
Source Naturals
high ORAC value
9 ounces
Nutritional Benefits
Powerful, nutrient-dense antioxidant tonic to support your healthy lifestyle with high ORAC value.
Convenient and great-tasting way to meet your daily fruit and vegetable requirements.
Includes fifty-nine fruits, herbs, and vegetables from around the world.

Life greens and berries powder is not longer available by Source Naturals