Humic acid supplement health benefit
November 23 2015 by
Ray Sahelian, M.D.

Humic acid is being promoted as a supplement. Humic acid is one of the major parts of humic substances which are dark brown and constituents of soil organic matter humus that contributes to soil chemical and physical quality.

Human studies
As of November 2015, I have searched but not seen studies with humic acid supplements conducted in the US. See also fulvic acid.

At the 2009 Natural Products Expo in Anaheim, I came across a booth where they gave me a humic acid bottle called Hepsyl. Each tablet has 250 mg of this ingredient. In 2009, Source Naturals emailed promotional material regarding their new product.
Wellness ImmuNow Humic Acid for Immune Defense. Humic acid is an organic substance derived from natural compounds found in humus soil. The biomolecules are purified using a proprietary process, and the result is a biochemically active compound that has been shown to support increased immune function in the body, healthy inflammatory response and cellular health.
Supports powerful immune defenses
Promotes healthy, balanced response to inflammatory triggers
Protects cells and DNA, supporting normal gene expression.
   Humic acid has also been used for thousands of years in the Ayurvedic traditions of India. Known as shilajit, it is a recognized rejuvenator and adaptogen. 2 tablets contain: Humic Acid 500 mg Suggested Use: 1 to 2 tablets twice daily before or with meals.

Sodium humate in the treatment of osteoarthrosis patients
Vopr Kurortol Fizioter Lech Fiz Kult. 1999; Iubitskaia NS, Ivanov EM.
The authors' study of sodium humate balneotherapy in rehabilitation of osteoarthrosis patients has shown that such balneotherapy produces analgetic, antiinflammatory and lipid modulating effects, improves metabolic processes. Low concentration of the preparation and lack of effects of other mud factors make sodium humate procedures rather tolerable. Osteoarthrosis patients can apply the procedure in home setting.

I got promotional material that said, "Humic acid is highly effective in supporting a healthy immune system, even during seasonal times of occasional runny noses and achy muscles. It helps maintain cell integrity during periods of occasional mild attack."
   I have seen no human studies with humic acid supplements.

I have very high respect towards your research and work. Please keep up what you are doing for people's life. I was wondering if you have any information regards to best humic shale plant or manufacture where we can purchase from. I've heard that in Emery, Utah produces the quality humic shale, but I wanted to hear your opinion. If you could help us locating plant, or manufacture where we can purchase, we are very much delighted.
   Thanks. Sorry this is outside my range of knowledge.

I suffer from chronic sinus infections, and chronic sinus headaches. I've been reading up on humic acid, and am wondering if you think this supplement would be a good way to boost my immune system to defend against these chronic infections?
   I have not seen such studied to know whether it would be of benefit.