Masturbation health benefit and side effects, how to enhance pleasure and sensation
October 22 2016 by Ray Sahelian, M.D.

If you would like to make masturbation more enjoyable with greater sensation, better erections, and more intense, you should try Passion Rx Yohimbe with aphrodisiac herbs that increase sexual stamina, sensation, sex drive, and pleasure, a potent aphrodisiac combination that works in a man and woman. You can also consider additional herbal extracts used for male and female enhancement such as mucuna pruriens, tribulus terrestris, horny goat weed, catuaba, and tongkat ali. It does help to masturbate less often in order to enjoy the experience more each time. Eating ginger or garlic the day before, in good quantities, can enhance the experience.

Eyesight influence, effect on vision
Q. I am 24 years old, and I want to know that is masturbation effect eye sight. I am having a week eye sight, and if I masturbate regularly will my eye sight will be effected.
   A. The medical profession insists eyesight is not affected by masturbation. However, perhaps there is a grain of truth in that claim. Semen contain important fatty acids such as EPA and DHA which help with vision. Perhaps excessive masturbation with ejaculation depletes the body from these important omega-3 fatty acids leading to poorer vision in those who are deficient in omega-3 fatty acids. I am not sure but this is an interesting topic for scientists to review.

Reduced sensation
Is masturbating too much a male impotence cause? Masturbation - at least too much - can reduce the sensitivity of the penis to stimulation, and reduce sperm volume, but it is not a cause for impotence since the penis should recover after a couple of days of rest. If your penis is not as sensitive, stop masturbation for a few days and your impotence (weak erection) will improve.

Q. I am a Chinese medical student and am assigned to complete an assignment on Erectile Dysfunction (ED). The more I read about the subject the more confused I become. Chinese medical science is very convinced that one of the major causes of erectile dysfunction in man is due to excess masturbation. However Western medical science seems to indicate exactly the reverse; that masturbation does not cause harm to the body, and is in fact a good sexual lust outlet for man. Could you please help to shed some light in this topic and if possible reconcile these two extreme sets of medical "findings"? Your response in the matter is very much appreciated.
   A. Generally speaking, a normal masturbation routine, such as once a day or every other day, does not have much of an influence on erectile dysfunction. However, masturbating several times a day could reduce the ability of the penis to maintain sensation and erection, and there is a loss of sperm which contains omega-3 fatty acids, amino acids, and other nutrients. You can see the causes of erectile dysfunction on the web site.

Q. I'm taking supplements which contains multivitamins, herbs, DHEA 15mg and other things. I'm only 18. I over masturbated from young age and now i'm nearly impotent. I can't seem to sleep and wake up frequently at night i dont know if this could be a side effect of the supplements. Do you believe there is something is over masturbating? I didn't till i experienced premature ejaculation problem of ejaculating just in 5 seconds. Yes, believe it or not sir but its true. I have lost all my hope. I have shrinked my penis lost my confidence. Can you please offer me advice on this because my doctor says masturbation is healthy which it is if it is about 3-4 times a week. But 3-4 times a day isn't healthy. Please doctor tell me what shall i do.
   A. I agree with your doctor that masturbating 3 or 4 times a week is a good balance for a teenager. DHEA is dangerous to take at your age and it is a good idea to stop all the supplements and go on a healthy diet that includes a lot of fish, fish oils, and vegetables.

Are there any natural supplements to treat headache as a result of masturbation?
   See coital headache information.

Q. I am 37 years old and suffering from erectile dysfunction. I am otherwise healthy, taking vitamins and multivitamins, and recently received a clean blood test with no abnormalities. Is there a problem with over masturbation? Also, is there a cure for erectile dysfunction or just remedies that help when you take them. I am thinking about going on to a ginseng program and limiting masturbation or stopping all together during this time.
   A. Excessive masturbation can reduce the sensation of the penis and reduce sexual drive and lead to difficulty with maintaining a proper erection. There are natural supplements that can be used to treat erectile dysfunction but they are effective when taken buy may not offer a cure in the sense that erectile dysfunction is cured when these supplements are not being used. There are various causes for erectile dysfunction and the treatment of cure depends on the cause.

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