Prolactinoma natural treatment - Symptoms and cause and use of herbs
July 1 2017

Prolactinoma is a medical condition in which a tumor (adenoma) of the pituitary gland in the brain overproduces the hormone prolactin. The result of increased prolactin is a decrease in normal levels of sex hormones estrogen in women and testosterone in men. Prolactinoma is the most common type of pituitary adenoma, making up for at least 30% of all pituitary adenomas. Prolactinomas occur most commonly in people under age 40. They are about fives times more common in women than men, but are rare in children. New herbal medicine research regarding this condition will be published as data become available.

What is prolactin? What does it do?
Prolactin is a hormone that triggers lactation or milk production. It also plays a role in sexual desire.

Symptoms of prolactinoma
High blood levels of prolactin in women often causes infertility and changes in menstruation. Periods may become irregular or menstrual flow may change. Women who are not pregnant or nursing may begin producing breast milk. Some women may experience a decrease in sex drive. Intercourse may become painful because of vaginal dryness.

Medications that induce prolactinoma
Pathological gambling and hypersexuality in cabergoline-treated prolactinoma.
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Q. Have you seen any of natural products used to treat prolactinoma.
   A. We have not seen any research regarding the treatment of prolactinoma with natural supplements.