Solanesol from tobacco by Ray Sahelian, M.D.
February 24, 2016

Solanesol is an extract from tobacco. Solanesol is a terpene compound and an important intermediate of nutrients such as vitamin K2 and coenzyme Q10.

Solanesol research
I cannot find human research with solanesol so it is difficult to offer any statements at this time regarding the benefits or side effects of solanesol. I understand that extracts of solanesol are now being sold by raw material suppliers, one company has a 90% extract.

Solanesol as tobacco marker
Solanesol, a 45-carbon, trisesquiterpenoid alcohol found in tobacco leaves and tobacco smoke, has been used as a quantitative marker for tobacco smoke for years. However, solanesol appears to be unreliable as a quantitative marker for tobacco smoke during environmental air sampling because it can be degraded substantially when present as a component of tobacco smoke and by as much as 100% when present as pure solanesol on fortified filters during air sampling. Since there is strong evidence that ozone is the agent responsible for the degradation, solanesol appears to be unreliable as a quantitative marker during indoor air sampling when indoor levels of ozone are greater than about 15 ppb.

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J Asian Nat Prod Res. 2009. Synthesis and evaluation of solanesol derivatives as novel potent synergistic agents. tNovel solanesylpiperazinotriamines as well as their N-aryl-substituted analogs were synthesized starting from solanesol through a multistep procedure. Their structures were confirmed by IR, (1)H NMR, MS, and elemental analysis. The preliminary results indicated that these novel derivatives were preferentially toxic against tumor cells, and at non-cytotoxic concentration, the synergistic effect of solanesyltriamines (3a and 3c) was even superior to that of N,N'-bis(3,4-dimethoxybenzyl)-N-solanesylethylenediamine. Interestingly, the cytotoxicity of solanesylpiperazinotriamine derivatives was markedly enhanced when conjugating with aryl pharmacophores (7-9).

Sheng Wu Yi Xue Gong Cheng Xue Za Zhi. 2014. Antioxidant function of solanesol and its inhibitory effect on tyrosinase. The present paper intends to discuss the antioxidant and tyrosinase inhibition effect of solanesol from three aspects of ultraviolet radiation and free radical scavenging. The paper makes a survey on diurnal variation rule of the minimum ultraviolet transmittance and ultraviolet transmittance of solanesol, hydroxyl (OH) free radical scavenging method of Smirnoff reaction system model, superoxide anion O2- free radical scavenging method of pyrogallol autoxidation, and the inhibitory effect of solanesol on tyrosinase activity by enzyme kinetic method. The experiment results showed that solanesol could effectively scavenge lipid radicals to block lipid peroxidation, and inhibit effects on tyrosinase. Solanesol is a natural extract which could be used to prevent senile atrophy of human skin and senile plaque.