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updated December 2, 2021

I Will Not Be Taking the Current Vaccines

After being in the "hesitant" category for several months I am now in the "no" category. As a retired medical doctor I have plenty of time, and a genuine fascination, to thoroughly research this topic. I have been diligently reviewing every scientific journal I can find, reading every online news article I come across, and going through countless case reports on the CDC VAERS website. I now have a clearer understanding of how these vaccines influence our immune system and organs and how they cause the multiple short, medium, and long term adverse effects.

I am convinced that the benefits promoted by experts on TV regarding these vaccines are much less than what they promise, and the adverse reactions are significantly more than they want us to believe. The effects of these vaccines on the human body are infinitely more complex than anyone can imagine... a million shades of gray, you may say.

From the Beginning
You just got injected with 0.3 ml of mRNA vaccine in your deltoid muscle. What happens next? The mRNA strands are enclosed in a bubble of lipid nanoparticles. This fluid will make its way into your bloodstream and the nanoparticles will travel throughout your body and enter platelets, the cells lining blood vessels, liver, adrenal glands, ovaries, bone marrow, intestines, brain, and other cells, tissues and organs (based on pharmacokinetic studies in animals provided by Pfizer and Moderna). A lot of it will also make its way into your lymphatic system, particularly the lymph nodes in your armpit where the immune cells produce antibodies. The immune cells in your nodes multiply and that is why some people notice swollen nodes in the armpit on the side of the injected arm. The mRNA bubbles will also go to your spleen.

Some of the circulating nanoparticles in the bloodstream will end up in the liver (distribution studies done in animals by Pfizer and Moderna). Once in the liver the nanoparticles enter your liver cells. There the mRNA strands instruct your liver cells to make the spike proteins (you can find images online) which are then released into your general circulation, further traveling through the rest of your body and then attaching or entering the cells of multiple tissues and organs. The spike proteins have a strong tendency to attach to ACE2 receptors on cells. A study published in Clinical Infectious Diseases, May 20, 2021, found spike proteins in the blood of volunteers who had their first Moderna shot. The mean peak level was 62 picograms per milliliter. This spike protein manufacturing process in your liver cells begins shortly after the shot and continues for a few days... and then the mRNA strands disintegrate. They don't keep making the spike proteins forever as some people claim, although they continue for a few more days in lymph nodes, spleen, and the deltoid muscle where you got the shot. The spike proteins that lodge in cells could stay there for weeks or months, or longer, but eventually, similar to other foreign proteins, they should disentegrate and be disposed of by macrophages (although we do not have long-term animal study data whether some will linger on even longer). Once most or all are disposed of, will they leave behind irreperable damage to the cells, like battle scars? I want to thank my friend Ronik Khachatoorian, Ph.D., a brilliant molecular biologist, who has helped me better understand these complex processes. Ronik is an expert in the metabolic function of the liver, protein synthesis, immunology, and viruses -- he spent years studying dengue and zika viral reproduction. We chat on the phone several times a week but we still haven't figured out whether spike proteins are made in significant amounts in other tissues and organs of the body -- besides the liver, spleen, lymph nodes, and deltoid muscle (and probably bone marrow and ovaries). But even if small amounts are made in those places, and the spike proteins present themselves on the surface of cells, they could cause damage by themselves or initiate an immune reaction against them, causing additional damage. Ronik and I make a good team. I have a general medicine background which helps me see things from a broad, clinical perspective -- like the whole elephant -- and he helps me understand how things work at the cellular level. Ronik has calculated a rough estimate on how many spike proteins are made. He based this on the peak level of the spike proteins in the blood, their molecular weight, an estimate of each mRNA strand translating one spike protein every two minutes, that there are trillions of mRNA strands injected into the deltoid muscle, and that translation occurs for a week or so. The count could easily be a minimum of hundreds of trillions of spike proteins being made within that time frame. Of course this varies widely among individuals. The young with healthy livers and lymph nodes make much more than the elderly. It is impossible to know the exact numbers. We welcome other molecular biologists to offer their thoughts. You can find info about Ronik on LinkedIn.

Side Effects Explained
The immediate side effects that occur within minutes or up to an hour or two are probably due to the non-mRNA substances in the vaccine, such as PEG. These can cause allergic and anaphylactic reactions such as shortness of breath, elevated heart rate, swelling of the tongue or throat, etc. In some people this has led to ER visits, hospitalization, and death.

A Few Hours Later
Many people start noticing their reactions later in the evening or overnight. It takes a few hours for muscle cells, lymph nodes and the liver to produce the spike proteins in significant quantities which are then released in the bloodstream and travel to many places in the body. In the meantime the lymph glands and other parts of the immune system have just started making many types of inflammatory substances (such as cytokines) which, hours later, after being made in enough quantities, lead to a variety of symptoms such as fever, fatigue, malaise, headache, pain and redness at the injection site, and so on. Spike proteins could attach themselves to different cells and tissues, for instance muscle tissue, joints, heart, lungs, nerves, kidneys, intestines, brain, etc. Spike proteins by themselves can cause damage, and the outcome could be even worse if and when inflammatory substances recognize those cells as foreign and attack. This leads to muscle pain, joint pain, changes in heart rate, shortness of breath, ringing in the ears, dizziness or strange nerve sensations, and a host of symptoms that I discuss in detail -- along with my thoughts on spike protein shedding or transmission -- at Covid Vaccine Side Effects.

In some individuals the spike proteins may initiate blood clots. Spike proteins are thought to trigger platelets to clump together (platelet aggregation). Clots in our blood vessels can be tiny and not cause any problems and eventually dissolve; or, over time, grow big enough to travel to the brain causing a stroke, travel to the heart causing a heart attack, to the lungs causing pulmonary embolisms, form in blood vessels in the abdomen, or the clots can form in blood vessels in the legs causing a DVT, deep vein thrombosis. Sometimes they may be small and travel and lodge in different parts of our organs and not cause any noticeable effect (or mild, difficult to pinpoint symptoms), but nevertheless do minor damage to our organs. When the media mentions the "rare" cases of blood clots they do not acknowledge the possibility of countless small clots that go undetected. There could also be antibodies against platelets which could cause clot formation and/or a low platelet count leading to bleeding. AstraZeneca and Johnson and Johnson both have spike proteins on their viral vector which also trigger clots and, overall, cause similar adverse reactions. Keep in mind the possibility that not all batches of the vaccines are made perfectly. There could be some that have suboptimal numbers of mRNA strands, others may have more, and still others may have imperfect mRNA strands that translate spike proteins shaped differently than what we expect. This could have unknown consequences. I am also learning about spike proteins binding to ACE2 receptors on cells which are found predominanty in the cells lining the blood vessels, heart, lungs, kidneys, and intestines. I have recently learned that ACE2 receptors are also found on nerve cells in the brain and throughout the body which may explain the variety of nerve-related side effects people are experiencing (see the side effects page). Sometimes I wonder if a more appropriate name for an mRNA injection is SPEM, spike protein expressing material.

There are cases of delayed, or ongoing, immune responses such as skin rashes, hives, joint pains, cardiac and blood pressure problems, fatigue, and a variety of neurological issues that start a week or two later. I am now reading case reports of people having persistent health issues several months post vaccine (I recently met someone who is having heart rhythm disturbances 10 months after). Adverse reactions are often more intense after the second dose and having had a recent Covid-19 infection.

I am still in the process of understanding all the complex interactions that occur once this fluid is injected into the body. For instance, spike proteins have a structure in some ways similar to certain proteins in our bodies. Our immune system, when recognizing these spike proteins, may form substances that attack similar looking proteins that are present on our cells; in some ways like an autoimmune reaction. This article is a work in progress and I frequently update it as I learn more. Trying to make sense of this complicated process is humbling. I am not sure if anyone on the planet completely understands in molecular detail what exactly is going on with these new shots; and furthermore has connected the dots to the clinical signs and symptoms that certain vaccinated people are experiencing. I have a strong urge to solve at least part of the puzzle.

The Bottom Line
The current vaccines have a weak effect against the Delta variant, and not yet well known against Omicron.

Moderna and Pfizer vaccines, along with J&J, are allowed for emergency use. Those who get the shots are part of a clinical trial that is not being statistically monitored. A large-scale medical intervention on billions of people is being undertaken without the necessary research to meticulously determine the short- and long-term consequences. Vaccinated individuals are showing up at emergency rooms with a variety of signs and symptoms and we have not forewarned our already-overstressed doctors on how to manage such patients. Countless blood tests, CT scans, MRIs, and EKGs are being ordered at enormous expense to society. We basically have partially effective vaccines that were formulated last year before the new variants became predominant and they only provide weak and brief protection. If an elderly couple was vaccinated in January of this year, is it safe for them to gather indoors with their kids and grandchildren or go safely on a cruise? People are getting infected, hospitalized, and dying after receiving the two doses, and even after a third. These injections do not stop transmission of the virus from one person to the other and will require booster shots. Is it safe to keep getting these jabs over and over again every few months? About 10% of those who got the first shot did not return for the second. Was it because they had moderate or severe side effects, or died, or had a family member, co-worker, or friend with a serious reaction? The damage to the body after repeated shots will be worse. I wonder what percent of the fully vaccinated will opt out of the third and fourth booster shots. Could frequent vaccination dysregulate the immune system? Trigger autoimmune conditions? Cause neurodegenerative conditions? It is legitimate to ask such questions, science requires it. These rushed vaccines can have quite unpleasant and serious adverse effects and in some cases cause long-lasting damage to the body -- especially to the nerves and cardiovascular system. I know of individuals who have had relentless tinnitus (ringing in the ears) that has not let up for months. If someone is injured the vaccine manufacturers are protected from lawsuits. A vaccine-harmed individual may be burdened with large medical bills if not well insured, and even though the government supposedly provides a vaccine injury fund, good luck trying to prove that a severe harm or death that occurred a week or a month or a year later was due to the vaccine. A 78-year-old woman in Southern California died within minutes after a shot and the local health authorities were not willing to attribute her death to the shot.

Herd Immunity?
The public who follows mainstream news has been sold a fairy tale. In order for a vaccine to have a chance at helping achieve herd immunity it should be very safe, prevent the vaccinated from transmitting the virus to others, and be at least 80% effective for a period lasting several years or a lifetime. The current ones fall dismally short of these standards. After each shot a small percentage will be harmed and not return for a booster. Progressively, over time, this will shrink the pool of the vaccinated and will leave a growing number whose bodies can no longer tolerate further insult. These Covid-19 vaccines are, in many ways, similar to the flu vaccines. We have been giving flu shots for decades yet we are nowhere close to herd immunity. Is it possible imperfect vaccines -- partial benefit for a limited period -- could spur the Covid-19 virus into mutating to strains more resistant to vaccination... similar to weak antibiotics that trigger the growth of mutated superbugs? It could happen; and if so, this attempt at mass immunization with rushed vaccines could end up being one of the biggest public health policy blunders ever. Furthermore, some people believe that once they get the shots they are virtually protected for a long time. These individuals will drop their guard and engage in unsafe activities that put them at a higher risk of catching and transmitting the virus than if they never got the shots and took adequate precautions. A study from New Zealand theorized the vaccinated could harbor the virus in their nose and pass it on to others easier since they may not have much symptoms initially whereas an unvaccinated person would notice some flu-like symptoms right away and self-quarantine. The CDC announced in August that the vaccinated transmit the virus just as easily as the unvaxed. Therefore it is unfair, intellectually dishonest, and frankly not supported by scientific evidence to bully and blame the unvaccinated for failure to achieve herd immunity. Viruses will mutate in the unvaccinated, they will mutate in those who are immune compromised, they will mutate in the vaccinated, and they will continue to mutate unless we eradicate them completely which is not achievable anytime soon through the currently-implemented strategies. Tens of thousands of people in the United States die from the flu virus each year, yet the seasonal mutations are not blamed on those who forgo the annual flu shot. People who truly believe these current vaccines provide excellent protection should, by their logic, not be overly concerned being around others who choose to decline the needle. If the vaccines are effective as claimed, why are the CDC and the WHO recommending masks to be worn indoors -- and third or fourth booster shots? Some of the highest vaccinated countries in the world -- for instance the United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Seychelles, Chile, Israel, Malta, and others -- have not been able to suppress the rate of new infections. What if they had applied part of their efforts towards narrowly-focused public health measures, the use of known, safe, and inexpensive medications, along with a campaign to promote overall health among their citizens through means I mention below... would the outcome have been different? It's a fair question.

Risk Reduction, Natural Options
I hope brilliant scientists find anti-viral medications that stop this virus dead in its tracks (there is hope). Ivermectin, FDA-approved as a medicine to treat parasites, has shown promise as a prevention and treatment against Covid-19. One wonders if its early adaption and promotion in 2020 might have saved lives. I don't have personal experience with it and do not know for certain the proper dosage or frequency of use. Other meds with promise include fluoxetine (generic for Prozac), hydroxychloroquine and budesonide. Frankly I had been skeptical about the benefits of ivermectin but I am now more open-minded. A healthy diet with fresh fruits and vegetables, foods high in probiotics, weight loss, blood sugar control, exercise (to improve lung capacity), deep sleep, smoking cessation, frequent outdoors air and sun exposure and/or vitamin D, perhaps additional vitamin C and quercetin, are all likely to reduce the overall inflammatory state of our body, and thus reduce the severity of a viral illness, whether vaccinated or not.

Please talk to your health care provider before you decide whether vaccination is appropriate in your own particular situation (although, sadly, few have been well-informed on this topic). A Covid-19 infection can sometimes be serious and fatal. A small percentage have long-lasting health issues. We all have different reasons for getting these shots, or deciding not to (at least for the time being). We should hold no judgment against anyone who has been vaccinated or who wants to wait for additional safety and efficacy studies. Or, perhaps, wait for an improved second generation vaccine that protects against the new variants and is safer.

I wish you all stay safe. In these challenging times let us all empathically support each other to make the best of our situation no matter what our opinions.

Note: I retired in 2018 and was traveling around the world when this pandemic started. Friends and family kept asking me about the benefits and safety of these vaccines and wanted an honest opinion, so I began to look into it. The deeper I delved, the more I wanted to solve the puzzle. I originally placed this article on my personal Facebook Ray Sahelian page and it had more than 1,500 shares. Then, without warning, on Sunday April 18 (my post originally was placed on March 17), I woke up to see that the page, with dozens of references to medical journal articles, had been deleted. So I moved it here (luckily a friend had copied the article and emailed it to me). I think this is a reasonable and well-thought-out article. I am not comforted that FB deleted it without giving any warnings or reasons other than it "violated community standards." Are scientists not allowed to voice opinions that diverge from the currently accepted and potentially politically motivated narrative, especially on a topic with such limited understanding? So I opened an additional account on MeWe where info is not censored. Feel free to Follow me on Facebook, or friend me on MeWe; there are groups that discuss Covid vaccine adverse reactions without censorship. The information below the line has not been updated since 2019.


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Melatonin dreams like you've never dreamed!
Menopause herbal alternatives... the controversy continues ad infinitum
Milk thistle is often prescribed to those with liver problems since it has a substances, such as silymarin, that has benefits to the hepatic system
MSM so much said when so little is known, this applies to a number of natural supplements
Mucuna Pruriens the dopamine dealer, improves mood, libido, and has been used as a treatment for Parkinson's disease
Muira puama Brazilian jungle passion
Mushroom extracts have interesting medicinal uses, common medicinal mushrooms include agaricus, cordyceps, maitake, and reishi.

Nattokinase blood clot dissolver. Does it have adverse effects when combined with aspirin, Coumadin, or natural blood thinners?
Natural Sex Boosters self-explanatory, a book that reviews aphrodisiac plants and supplements that can improve your overall sexual pleasure and performance
NADH the dopamine connection: mind and sex booster
Nitric oxide neurotransmitter and blood vessel dilator
Noni blend a healthy Tahitian smoothie

Would it be of benefit to open capsules and crush all tablets to maximize absorption of supplements or is this overkill?
   As a general rule this is not necessary but each capsule or tablet from different manufacturers is different and each person has a different absorption ability. Some people take several supplements or combinations that are excessive, or high dosages may interact negatively with certain prescription medications they are taking, so even if a little less is absorbed by not opening certain capsules or crushing certain tablets, perhaps the resulting potential lesser absorption is desirable. Overall though, for practical purposes, it is not necessary to open capsules or crush tablets unless the supplement is required in high dosages to treat a particular medical condition and the patient has difficulty with stomach acid production or has a history of intestinal malabsorption.

Olive leaf extract, the bug buster
Osteoporosis don't let sticks and stones break your bones

Parkinson's disease save your substantia nigra before it shakes you
Passion flower passion with no anxiety, helps relieve stress and facilitates sleep onset
Passion Rx
is a natural sexual enhancer without hormones or medications. It has a high reorder rate.
Penis enlargement pills, do they work? For many men this is no small matter
Phosphatidylserine PS or BS? Does it really help as a mind booster?
Phytoestrogens Soy to the World... (sing to the tune of the Christmas song)
PMS these nutrients can help her  ... and indirectly other people in her life
Policosanol for cholesterol... but sadly, statins still better at lowering levels but with a much greater risk of adverse effects, including muscle damage
Polyphenols the largest group of beneficial plant substances, includes flavonoids
Pomegranate extract, fruit, powder, all becoming more popular
Pregnancy pills, supplements, herbs and vitamins, safety and risks
Pregnenolone the grandmother of all steroid hormones
Prescription medications, their interactions with nutritional supplements, and natural alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs
Probiotics invite some friendly gut guests for an extended stay
Progesterone anyone not confused? How much to take, in what form, review of adverse events
Prostate cancer nutritional options, natural ways to reduce the incidence
Pycnogenol pine bark extract promoted as potent antioxidant
Pygeum africanum saw palmetto's prostate buddy and often found in formulas for men's prostate health.

Quercetin quite an important flavonoid

Raynaud's phenemenon natural treatment
Red yeast rice for cholesterol lowering, is this supplement safe, are there other alternatives that are more effective?
Reishi anti-tumor Chinese mushroom not to be confused with Reiki
Restless leg syndrome treatment, are there natural remedies that could reduce symptoms
Resveratrol rationalize your red wine drinking habit
Rheumatoid arthritis is the Western diet partly to blame?
Rhodiola le adaptogen du jour (mentioned in Newsweek)
Ribose don't count on it if you plan to make it to the Olympics

How does one go about replacing a medication with a supplements, such as for high cholesterol or for anxiety / depression?
   Each person responds differently, but, as a general rule, when a supplement is introduced to replace a medication, the supplement is started at a low dosage while the dosage of the medication is gradually reduced.

SAM-e, S-adenosylmethionine be happier! mind booster, antidepressant, for arthritis, most people notice benefits the first day or by the second day of use
Saw palmetto prostate protector and often found in combination with other herbs for prostate health
Selenium mineral benefit, but too much could cause health problems
Serotonin solve your serotonin system? sertainly! Use natural pills to increase your levels
Serrapeptase anti-inflammatory enzyme information and supplement
Sex drive would you like more, or less? Anything is possible with certain sex supplements
Sex herbs that make you want to have more intimacy and could reduce your dosage of prescription impotence pills
Sexual desire increase with natural herbs within hours or days, or read a book called Natural Sex Boosters that reviews several of the most effective substances
Sexual enhancement with natural aphrodisiacs for a male and female
Sitosterol found in soy for healthy prostate and cholesterol management.
Skin diseases and natural treatment options
Sleep my favorite activity, natural ways to get a deeper rest
Spices and their health benefits including curry, cumin, coriander, and others
Stevia no calorie sweetener. "Sweet Drinks are Made of These" The Stevia Cookbook
St. John's wort don't worry, be happy, how to use this natural antidepressant to lift mood and reduce the need for prescription antidepressants
Stroke prevent this scenario: three strokes and you're out
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The varied outcomes from clinical studies with dietary supplements could result from interventions testing a variety of products, often varying in their composition of bioactives, using different doses and regimens, as well as the absence of a biomarker for compliance to the protocol.

Taurine amino acid
Testosterone replacement - benefits and risks of testosterone hormone -- risks of taking may include increased heart attack.
Theanine helpful amino acid found in tea
Tongkat Ali Asian Aphrodisiac and libido supplement
Tribulus underrated roadside sex herb that works
Tryptophan orphan abandoned by the FDA with meager child support
Turmeric taste of India - see also curcumin
Tyrosine and Acetyl-tyrosine -- alert amino acids
Ubiquinol, a form of Coenzyme Q10, does it offer any benefits that CoQ10 doesn't?
Valerian anti-anxiety sedative, I prefer passion flower, kava and Good Night Rx
Vegetable supplements, extracts and juice health benefit
Vegetarian see the nutrients you may be not be getting enough from plants alone
Vinpocetine periwinkle plant brain booster, may improve vision
Vision see the bright side, there are several nutrients that improve day and night vision, along with better reading and distance sight
Vitamin C what's the right dose?
Vitamin D let the sun shine, what is the right dosage to take daily, is it 400, 1000, 2000, 5000, or 10,000 iu?
Vitamin E there's more to E than dl-alpha -- perhaps better to take all the tocopherols and tocotrienols

Weight loss big and beautiful: the next stage of Western human evolution

Yoga one of the best health improving and anti-aging movement disciplines you can do
Yohimbe better sex in one hour for men and women... if you can tolerate the side effects

See also Zallouh, Zeaxanthin, Zelnorm, Zeolite, Zetia, Zinc lozenge, Zoloft, Zovirax, and Zyflamend.