Betalain extracted from beets, review
June 2 2016

Betalains are a class of red and yellow indole-derived pigments found in plants of the Caryophyllales, where they replace anthocyanin pigments.

Blood sugar, insulin, diabetes
J Nutr Science. 2014.  Effects of a beetroot juice with high neobetanin content on the early-phase insulin response in healthy volunteers. Produce rich in phytochemicals may alter postprandial glucose and insulin responses by interacting with the pathways that regulate glucose uptake and insulin secretion in humans. The aims of the present study were to assess the phytochemical constituents of red beetroot juice and to measure the postprandial glucose and insulin responses elicited by either 225 ml beetroot juice (BEET), a control beverage matched for macronutrient content (MCON) or a glucose beverage in healthy adults. Beetroot juice was a particularly rich source of betalain degradation compounds. The orange/yellow pigment neobetanin was measured in particularly high quantities (providing 13 g in the 225 ml). A total of sixteen healthy individuals were recruited, and consumed the test meals in a controlled single-blind cross-over design. Results revealed a significant lowering of the postprandial insulin response in the early phase (0-60 min) and a significantly lower glucose response in the 0-30 min phase in the BEET treatment compared with MCON. Betalains, polyphenols and dietary nitrate found in the beetroot juice may each contribute to the observed differences in the postprandial insulin concentration.

Q. I would like your unbiased opinion of the merit of betalains extracted from beets. There is a company called Evolv that has a product called "limitless" and they promote the production of "Prolain" which is a process they are patenting in which they were able to separate the betalaine from the sugar and make a supplement. They are making many claims. It's supposed to help with osteoporosis, energy . I would love to be enlightened as to its effectiveness and research that has been done in this area...I have osteo in my knees. I've just lost 40 pounds to alleviate the pain and plan to lose 25 more pounds. I'm on Celebrex, but I'm told that it's not good for your stomach over a long period. I'm just exploring other solutions...