Bois bande herbal aphrodisiac plant for sexual health, enhancement and pleasure
December 6 2016 by Ray Sahelian, M.D.

Bois bande is the name commonly used in parts of the Caribbean for the tree Roupala montana. The plant is not only found in Grenada and Trinidad, but also in Dominica, where it is known as gimauve or gommier tree and in Costa Rica it is known as danto amarillo or zorillo. The bark of this tree is famous for its aphrodisiac properties. Locals soak a strip of the bark for a week in rum, then filter the rum and take a small glass of the extract. The extract is also known as macoucherie rum. No studies are available in the Western literature to give us any clues on this herb’s aphrodisiac benefits or mechanism of action. Bois bandé is available as a liquid and capsules.

Research for aphrodisiac benefits
No studies could be found in the Western literature as of 2016 to give us any clues on this herb's aphrodisiac benefits or mechanism of action.

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A more potent aphrodisiac to consider is Catuaba plant from South America, and also muira puama or the Natural Sex Boosters package that has 7 potent aphrodisiac bottles.

Aphrodisiac herbs available over the counter
These include maca extract, tongkat ali, butea superba, cnidium monnieris, tribulus extract, mucuna pruriens, horny goat weed, avena sativa, LJ100, muira puama, catuaba, ginger, cistanches, bois bande, Eurycoma, and yohimbe bark extract.

Over the counter products
Bois bande is available as a liquid and capsules.

Drug Chem Toxicol. 2014. Antigenotoxicity of Roupala montana extract in the mouse micronucleus and comet assays. Roupala montana is a typical savannah species and native to tropical South America that has a moderate mortality for adult forms of Schistossoma mansoni.

Chemical composition of bois bande herb
Phenolic and terpenoid compounds from Chione venosa urban var. venosa (Bois Bandé).
Phytochemistry. 2005. Institute of Pharmacognosy, University of Vienna, PharmaCenter Vienna, Austria.
The Caribbean island of Grenada furnishes the popular aphrodisiac drug Bois Bandé, which consists of the stem bark and the roots of Chione venosa (sw.) URBAN var. venosa, a native tree growing in the islands' rain forest. The phytochemical investigation of dichloromethane and methanolic-aqueous extracts of the bark and the roots yielded three acetophenone derivatives described for the first time in plants along with five known compounds, alpha-morroniside, sweroside, diderroside, daucosterol and beta-sitosterol.

Barguna Enterprises Ltd, Grenada
We are a manufacturer of bois bande products in various forms: capsules, powder, bark, beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic). Barguna Enterprises Ltd, Grenada.