Breast enhancement supplements and natural products, do herbal breast enhancement pills work?
June 8 2016 by
Ray Sahelian, M.D.

Over the years many products have been promoted as natural breast enhancement pills or herbal breast enhancement pills. I am not aware of any human research with natural breast enhancement pills that have evaluated the role of herbs in enlarging the size of fat cells in breast tissue or increasing fluid accumulation. Getting fatter overall by overeating would enlarge breasts. It's possible that fluid accumulation would lead to breast enhancement, however I am not aware of any product that actually increases the size of fat cells in breast tissue without increasing the size of fat cells in other parts of the body. I am not aware of any natural or herbal products that leads to male breast enhancement. Having said this, it is possible that there are such herbs or supplements that have this breast enhancement effect that I may not be familiar with and I would not be surprised if there are such herbs or foods. I have a friend who claims her breasts get more swollen when she eats a lot of soy (a placebo effect?). However, without a doubt, there are herbs that enhance female libido, I am certain of this. See female sexual dysfunction for a list.

Herbal breast enhancement pill
It would be unwise at this time to waste money on an herbal breast enhancement pill until more research is available. However, I do not deny that there could be certain herbs, when used in the right dosage, combination, for enough time, could enhance breast tissue size.

Do phytoestrogens, fenugreek, or saw palmetto lead to breast enhancement?
   As of 2015, I have not seen any human research that supports the claim fenugreek or saw palmetto is helpful for breast enhancement

Breast enhancement capsules or herbs. Are they safe? Do you sell any?
   As to safety, it is impossible to say since there are hundreds of different brands being promoted and each has a different composition. We do not sell breast enhancement pills.

There are obviously some benefits associated with L-Tyrosine supplementation, but while researching this supplement, I noticed that it tends to be present in many breast enhancement supplements for women. I dont see how L-Tyrosine could enhance breast tissue development, but being a man, I dont want to mess around with anything that could potentially result in me developing breast tissue ( gynecomastia ). So my question is, is there a risk for a man to get gynecomastia from supplementing L-Tyrosine?
   L Tyrosine has cardiac risks of heart palpitations or cardiac rhythm disturbances, but we are not aware of any issues with breast enhancement.

Breast Implants with Silicone
A Beverly Hills plastic surgeon who calls himself "the breast expert" is facing trial in Los Angeles on charges of smuggling silicone implants into the United States and placing them in at least three women. Frederic Corbin, 62, was indicted in February, 2006 by a secret grand jury on charges that he got the silicone implants from Mexico and falsified patient records to conform to a clinical study. Corbin denies the charges, which his Beverly Hills office manager said were the work of a disgruntled employee. Silicone breast implants were banned in the United States for most women in 1992 because of controversy over the safety risks of leakage. They were replaced by saline-filled implants, but many of the 300,000 women who have cosmetic breast surgery in the United States every year prefer the look and feel of silicone implants, which are available in other countries.

Breast Implants and Suicide
While women with breast implants are not at greater risk of breast cancer, they do seem to have an elevated rate of suicide. The reason for the suicide risk is unclear, but several studies have now come to similar conclusions. Some researchers believe the link is explained by higher rates of depression, anxiety and low self-esteem among women who undergo breast augmentation.

Herbal Breast Enhancement Research
"Bust enhancing" herbal products.
Obstet Gynecol. 2003 June. Fugh-Berman A. George Washington University School of Medicine, Washington, DC, USA.
Breast enhancement herbal products are widely advertised. No clinical trials have been published. These products contain a variety of ingredients, including grains, hops, saw palmetto, dong quai, chaste-tree berry, wild yam, kava, fennel, black cohosh, and fenugreek. Several of these herbs are hormonally active; for example, hops contain 8-prenylnaringenin, a phytoestrogen that is more potent than other dietary phytoestrogens. Many breast enhancement dietary supplements contain substrates for Fusarium, a fungus that produces zearalenone, a potent estrogen that has been associated with breast enlargement in humans and other species. The use of bust-enhancing products should be discouraged because of lack of evidence for efficacy and long-term safety concerns.

Breast Enhancement in China
In July 2006 China banned television and radio commercials for breast enhancements, weight loss and medical products. "Recently, some medical organisations have exaggerated the results of treatment provided, using experts and previous patients on television commercials to mislead others," the Beijing News cited the notice as saying. "The exaggeration of some breast enhancement and weight loss advertisements has violated consumers' rights and affected the social credibility of radio and television," it said. Earlier this month, consumer watchdogs said they were probing a drug touted on 17 television stations as being able to transfer unwanted weight from the hips to the breasts. State media reported that one customer spent 3,000 yuan ($375) on the pills, but only ended up breaking out in acne while her breast size remained the same.

Effect of chemicals on children
Researchers from Turkey found higher blood levels of the most commonly used plasticizer, DEHP, in a group of boys with abnormal enlargement of the breasts -- a common condition seen in up to 65 percent of adolescent boys called pubertal gynecomastia. The condition usually resolves on its own after boys get through puberty. Dr. Elif N. Ozmert from Hacettepe University in Ankara, Turkey says, "we are exposed to this (chemical) in many ways via direct contact," breathing, and eating." A few examples are personal care products, paints, building materials, household furnishing, clothing, dentures, children's toys, cleaning materials, insecticides, food, certain medical devices and pharmaceuticals. Pediatrics, December 2009.

Breast Enhancement questions
I came across a web site that was promoting a product called Breast Gain Plus for breast enhancement. What is your opinion?
   I have not seen any research published in medical journals regarding Breast Gain Plus, and hence I am skeptical about the claims until the company making this product provides real evidence.
I am in my late 20s and suffer from small breasts. Sometimes I use contraceptive pills such as Cilest or Microgynon but they donít increase my breasts size. Recently I saw a breast enhancement website that their Breast Active pills work. Breasts Actives Company says that they are work and are safe. They say our formula is herbal and natural. I would like to know your view about buying Breast Actives. Are they harmful? If I use the pills for 4 or 6 months and I stop them, are the results permanent?
    We are not familiar with Breast Actives. We have not seen any research with herbs that involve enlargement or enhancement of breasts.

I appreciate your advice and recommendation regarding supplements for breast lifting or firming for a woman 52 years old.
   Unfortunately I am now aware of any supplements that are helpful for breast lifting or firming.

Are there any truth about MASTOGENIC Herbs. There is a lot of formulas on the market. There is also some reasonably priced. I am a 54 years old woman with 25 years old silicon breast implants. They have been broken for the past 12 years or so. They have to come out. I want to have them changed. I do not want to go back to small breasts. Any advices on herbs to grow breasts even at my age? If not possible to grow breast tissues at my age, is it possible to help the healing process and that include firming up tissues. I am totaly anguished about the whole issue. I have leukemia for the past 7 years no chemo yet. Thank God. . Are there alternative silicon implant now on the market that are safer? Replacement with cohesive silicone gel or saline are also an option for me.
    I am not up to date on the latest breast implants. The whole issue of  herbs for breast enhancement has not been studied well and there is hardly any research to rely on. I have not come across any formulas that make a significant difference in breast size but perhaps there are some that I am not aware of.

A topic that has received more attention lately is the phenomenon of Male Breast Enlargement due to dietary or environmental factors. Could you provide information on the higher incidence and causative factors such as the role phytoestrogen may play in the development, and does BP-A contribute directly to MBE? Also is the accumulative phase of BPA in body tissues non-reversible, and what would be a possible chelator or antagonist for removal?
    These are all good questions and I have not studied this topic in enough detail to have definitive answers, but will keep them in mind if I come across any good and comprehensive research.

What herbs promote breast enhancement? Which ones are the most effective on average in helping under-developed chests get to where they should be?

I'm a 24 year old girl. I'm overal slim, I am very unhappy with my breast and feel like my breast never fully developed, they are very tiny close to being very flat chested. I would like to avoid breast implants. I've done so much research (Internet ) on how to grow them naturally and I was fully convinced on different type of herbs and the affect they have on growth. But I also read that. It's not as easy as it seems while everybody is different . And In also aware that it has to do a lot with if your estrogen dominant or not. So then I found an article in bovine ovary supplement, and how it help woman grow bigger breast naturally, yet I found negative and positive reviews, I would like to know your professional opinion on it? How healthy is it ? If it even is ? And what would you recommend to take?
   A. I am not aware of any studies with bovine ovary supplement, at this point I would be skeptical of claims that it is of benefit and I would be concerned about adverse effects but I will keep my eyes open for new studies.

Love your website and I recently discovered my problem using DHEA10 mg so I've decided to quit it after reading your website on it. I am a female 55 over menopause and all that, but I wanted to purchase A pill that enlarges the breast, like Bustamax or something like that? Although it contains Progesterone or wild yam and I was wondering do you think that is the same as taking DHEA, and is it safe then? If not what herbals can You suggest to increase my breasts ? Also I used to have heart palpitations after taking Smooth move which has Casara Segada which causes heart palpitations. I finally ended them by taking Flax seed oil a couple Tablespoons a day, now I have stopped that and am using Olive oil to eliminate the palpitations, if and when I get them.
   A. I am not familiar with Bustamax.