Cytidine nucleoside health benefit

July 22 2016 by Ray Sahelian, M.D.


Definition of Cytidine - A nucleoside made of the combination of cytosine and ribose. Also called cytosine ribonucleoside. Cytidine and uridine can stimulate brain phosphatide synthesis.


I could not find much research on this topic.


Cytidine and Uridine Increase Striatal CDP Choline Levels Without Decreasing Acetylcholine Synthesis or Release.
Cell Mol Neurobiology. 2006; Ulus IH, Watkins CJ, Cansev M. Department of Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacology, Uludag University Medical School, Bursa, Turkey.

Treatments that increase acetylcholine release from brain slices decrease the synthesis of phosphatidylcholine by, and its levels in, the slices. We examined whether adding cytidine or uridine to the slice medium, which increases the utilization of choline to form phospholipids, also decreases acetylcholine levels and release. These data show that cytidine and uridine can stimulate brain phosphatide synthesis without diminishing acetylcholine synthesis or release.