Internet Addiction treatment, what can be done? Excessive internet use is becoming a concern, and some have proposed that it may involve addiction.
December 22 2015


Internet Addiction Disorder, a psychophysiological disorder involving tolerance; withdrawal symptoms; affective disturbances; and interruption of social relationships, is a presenting problem that is becoming more common in society as on-line usage increases by the day. With the growing importance of the Internet in everyday life, more and more people are accessing various on-line resources each day.


Neurotic personality traits, psychopathology, time for internet use and its subsequent life impairment were important predictors for IA. Individuals with IA may have higher rates of psychiatric morbidity and suicide risks.


Internet Addiction by the Swiss

Switzerland's financial capital of Zurich has warned Internet users about the dangers of internet addiction to chat rooms and sex sites. The canton's Department for the Prevention of Addiction has launched a poster campaign and offers a self-assessment questionnaire for potential internet addicts on its website. "Spending lots of time in virtual worlds, especially chat rooms, online games and sex sites, can lead to a dependence comparable to other addictions," the department said in a statement. Around 50,000 Swiss are addicted to the Internet or at risk of becoming addicted, the department said. Young people are particularly vulnerable to internet addiction although adults are increasingly succumbing to the lure of the Web. "They are at risk of facing problems in their social surroundings or at the workplace," the department said. Internet addicts suffer from psychological withdrawal symptoms, it said.



Is there an herb or supplement that could help with internet addiction?

   I am not aware of an herb or supplement that could help with internet addiction. I think taking time off to travel somewhere where there are no internet cafes can be of temporary help. One thought is SAM-e, the mood and energy enhancer. By having a lot of energy, it may be difficult to sit down for prolonged periods in front of the computer.