Lepidium meyenii herb research, dosage, safety, side effects, danger - herb benefit for sexual disorders and menopause treatment
Feb 28 2016

Lepidium meyenii, also known as maca, is a root-like vegetable shaped like a radish that grows high in the harsh climate of the Andes Mountains in South America at elevations up to 15,000 feet. For more than two millennia, native Peruvians have used Lepidium meyenii root as food and medicine, to promote endurance and improve energy, vitality, sexual virility and fertility. If you have an interest in increasing energy, an excellent supplement is MultiVit Rx which works better than Lepidium meyenii alone. Lepidium meyenii is found in Passion Rx, an herbal product used for female impotence and as a treatment of impotence in males. Lepidium meyenii is the botanical name for maca herb.

Lepidium meyenii root and sexual desire
Feeding high dosages of Lepidium meyenii root extracts to normal male mice increase the frequency with which they couple with female mice. Human studies with Lepidium meyenii herb indicate Lepidium meyenii supplementation leads to enhanced sexual desire.

Lepidieum meyenii for the management of SSRI-induced sexual dysfunction
A double-blind, randomized, pilot dose-finding study of maca root (L. meyenii) for the management of SSRI-induced sexual dysfunction.
CNS Neurosci Ther. 2008; Dording CM, Fisher L, Papakostas G, Farabaugh A, Mischoulon D. Depression Clinical and Research Program, Department of Psychiatry, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA, USA.
We sought to determine whether Lepidium meyenii, a Peruvian plant, is effective for selective-serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI)-induced sexual dysfunction. We conducted a double-blind, randomized, parallel group dose-finding pilot study comparing a low-dose (1.5 g/day) to a high-dose (3.0 g/day) Lepidium meyenii regimen in 20 remitted depressed outpatients (mean age 36+/-13 years; 17 women) with SSRI-induced sexual dysfunction. Ten subjects completed the study, and 16 subjects (9 on 3.0 g/day; 7 on 1.5 g/day) were eligible for intent-to-treat (ITT) analyses on the basis of having had at least one postbaseline visit. ITT subjects on 3.0 g/day maca had a significant improvement, but subjects on 1.5 g/day Lepidium meyenii did not. Lepidium meyenii was well tolerated. Lepidium meyenii root may alleviate SSRI-induced sexual dysfunction, and there may be a dose-related effect. Lepidium meyenii may also have a beneficial effect on libido.

Exercise and physical performance
A pilot investigation into the effect of maca supplementation on physical activity and sexual desire in sportsmen.
J Ethnopharmacol. 2009; Stone M, Ibarra A, Roller M, Zangara A, Stevenson E. School of Psychology and Sports Sciences, Northumbria University, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.
Maca (Lepidium meyenii Walp) is consumed both as a sports supplement by strength and endurance athletes, and as a natural stimulant to enhance sexual drive. However, whether or not the postulated benefits of maca consumption are of scientific merit is not yet known. The aim of the study was therefore to investigate the effect of 14 days maca supplementation on endurance performance and sexual desire in trained male cyclists. Eight participants each completed a 40 km cycling time trial before and after 14 days supplementation with both maca extract (ME) and placebo, in a randomised cross-over design. Subjects also completed a sexual desire inventory during each visit. ME administration significantly improved 40 km cycling time performance compared to the baseline test, but not compared to the placebo trial after supplementation. ME administration significantly improved the self-rated sexual desire score compared to the baseline test, and compared to the placebo trial after supplementation. 14 days ME supplementation improved 40 km cycling time trial performance and sexual desire in trained male cyclists. These promising results encourage long-term clinical studies involving more volunteers, to further evaluate the efficacy of ME in athletes and normal individuals and also to explore its possible mechanisms of action.

Lepidium meyenii as fertility herb
Effect of chronic treatment with three varieties of Lepidium meyenii on reproductive parameters and DNA quantification in adult male rats.
Andrologia. 2007. Gasco M, Aguilar J, Gonzales GF. Department of Biological and Physiological Sciences, Faculty of Sciences and Philosophy, Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia, Lima, Peru.
The aim of this study was to evaluate the chronic effect of different varieties of Lepidium meyenii (Red Maca, Yellow and Black). Male rats were treated by gavage with aqueous extract of each variety of
Lepidium meyenii for 84 days. At the end of the treatment, daily sperm production (DSP), epididymal sperm count (ESC) and sperm count in vas deferens (SCVD) were assessed. In addition, testis DNA quantification was also determined. Any toxic effect was assessed in liver and spleen by histological studies. The results indicate that Yellow and Black improved ESC and that three varieties of increased the SCVD without affecting DSP. Moreover, testis DNA levels were not affected by treatment with any of the three varieties of Lepidium meyenii. Histological picture of the liver in animals treated with the three varieties was similar to that observed in controls. In conclusion, Yellow and Black Lepidium meyenii increased epididymal sperm count after 84 days of treatment without affecting DSP. Lepidium meyenii seems to act as a modulator of sperm count at the reproductive tract level.

Hormone levels
Lepidium meyenii does not exert direct androgenic activities.
J Ethnopharmacol. 2006. Department of Pharmacological Sciences, University of Milan, Via Balzaretti 9, 20133 Milan, Italy.
Maca is an edible root traditionally employed for its purported aphrodisiac and fertility-enhancing properties. This study aimed at testing the hypothesis that Lepidum meyenii contains testosterone-like compounds, able to bind the human androgen receptor and promote transcription pathways regulated by steroid hormone signaling. Lepidum meyenii extracts (obtained with different solvents: methanol, ethanol, hexane and chloroform) are not able to regulate GRE (glucocorticoid response element) activation.

J Ethnopharmacol. 2014 Feb 3. Lepidium meyenii enhances the serum levels of luteinising hormone in female rats.

Lepidium meyenii herbal pill questions
Q. I take Sotalol 120mg BID, and would like to try Lepidium meyenii 300mg with 500mg goat weed for erectile dysfunction. My doctor approved Viagra 100mg which does not provide a solution.
   A. Sotalol is used to treat irregular heartbeats. Sotalol is in a class of medications called antiarrhythmics. It works by acting on the heart muscle to improve the heart's rhythm. If a person has heart rhythm problems, they should very very careful using sexual enhancing herbs such as Horny Goat Weed or perhaps even high dosages of Lepidium meyenii since aphrodisiac herbs can sometimes stimulate the heart the beat faster and this may cause heart palpitations.