Limu kelp information, seaweed
March 22 2017

Limu moui is a kelp or seaweed found in the Pacific ocean. There are edible and non edible limu plants. Limu was a commonly used seaweed in a traditional Hawaiian diet.

Limu wawae‘iole (Codium edule) Plants are dark green with felt-like surface; form large mats.

manauea (Gracilaria coronopifolia) Two Gracilaria species, limu manauea and ogo (Gracilaria parvisipora)

ele ele (Enteromorpha prolifera)

palahalaha (Ulva fasciata)

Stinging Limu
This blue-green seaweed, is called Lyngbya majuscula (or sometimes Microcoleus lyngbyaceus). Can cause a rash in some people.

Nutrient content of Limu
Promoters claim that this seaweed has a beneficial substance called fucoidan.

original limu
limu juice
fucoidan limu original

2003 - NBTY, Inc., of Bohemia, N.Y., has completed its voluntary destruction of approximately 90,000 units of Royal Tongan Limu, a dietary supplement promoted to treat various diseases like cancer, arthritis, and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). Royal Tongan Limu was distributed by Dynamic Essentials, a subsidiary of NBTY located in Lake Mary, Fla. Dynamic Essentials has ceased operation, and no longer promotes or sells the products on its website.

Q. I have a sister in law that is going on and on about Limu juice and I cannot find a lot about it except what the makers of it are saying. Have you heard of limu juice?
   A. We cannot find any research on lit as of 2017.