Lucuma fruit benefit
January 2 2016

Lucuma tree (Pouteria Lucuma) is found at temperate elevations, growing from 25 to 50 feet high, with deep, drought-resistant roots. The Lucuma fruit is egg-shaped and yellow-green when ripe. A dry and starchy yellow-orange flesh is found beneath the dry skin.
Lucuma fruit powder has a good taste. Lucuma fruit powder is used in gourmet ice cream products, functional beverages and nutritional supplements.

Lucuma fruit research
As of 2015, studies with lucuma fruit or powder extract taken orally could not be found on Medline.

J Cosmetic Dermatology. 2010. Wound-healing properties of nut oil from Pouteria lucuma. Cell migration, angiogenesis, inflammation, and extracellular matrix remodeling are key events in wound healing. Natural products, including fatty acids (FAs), can accelerate wound healing by modulating the aforementioned events. Natural FAs from P. lucuma nut promote skin regeneration and, thus, may have applications in medicine and skin care.

lucumin, a cyanogenic glycoside from Lucuma mammosa Gaertn.