Obestatin hormone research and review
July 1 2017

Obestatin is a 23 amino acid amidated peptide encoded by the same gene with ghrelin. Obestatin inhibits thirst and anxiety, improves memory, regulates sleep, affects cell proliferation, and increases the secretion of pancreatic juice enzymes.
   Certainly more research is needed with obestatin to determine its role in health and disease. We have not seen any such research in humans as of 2016.

Previous reports on obestatin may not be correct
Researchers from Stanford University School of Medicine in California have discovered a hormone, which they call obestatin, that suppresses appetite and produces weight loss in rats. Interestingly, the hormone is derived from the same gene that gives rise to ghrelin, a well-known appetite-inducing hormone.
   The above was initially reported in the news, but perhaps it may not be correct.