Orthosilicic acid benefit, side effects
January 20 2016

Generally, have any studies been done with orthosilicic acid and its interactions with blood pressure, cholesterol and depression medications? I just came across your website by chance and signed up for your newsletter. This natural dietary supplement was suggested as being good for healthy skin, hair and nails by my local health food store Harvest Moon in West Milford, NJ. From reading your info on it, it seems that it is a good supplement, but I could not find anything on interactions with other medications. Can someone from your office please advise. Thank you for your cooperation and attention in this matter.
    I am not aware of any such studies as of 2016. For more info, see silicon information and research.

Met Ions Life Sci. 2013. Silicon: the health benefits of a metalloid. Silicon has been suggested to exhibit roles in the structural integrity of nails, hair, and skin, overall collagen synthesis, bone mineralization, and bone health and reduced metal accumulation in Alzheimer's disease, immune system health, and reduction of the risk for atherosclerosis. Although emerging research is promising, much additional, corroborative research is needed particularly regarding speciation of health-promoting forms of silicon and its relative bioavailability. Orthosilicic acid is the major form of bioavailable silicon. It has been proposed that relatively insoluble forms of silica can also release small but meaningful quantities of silicon into biological compartments. For example, colloidal silicic acid, silica gel, and zeolites, although relatively insoluble in water, can increase concentrations of water-soluble silica and are thought to rely on specific structural physicochemical characteristics. Collectively, the food supply contributes enough silicon in the forms aforementioned that could be absorbed and significantly improve overall human health despite the negative perception of silica as a health hazard. This review discusses the possible biological potential of the metalloid silicon as bioavailable orthosilicic acid and the potential beneficial effects on human health.

Biomaterials. 2013. The performance of an orthosilicic acid-releasing silica gel fiber fleece in wound healing.

I found your site while researching orthosilicic acid. I appreciate what I learned and thought you might want to hear of my experience with it. I can make it short! Just a small amount and I experienced insomnia and pain in my breasts.  I also had a day of anxiety attacks.