Protandim antioxidant information
July 1 2017 by Ray Sahelian, M.D.

Protandim is a trademarked product that has five herbs with antioxidant properties. Lifeline Therapeutics claims the following:

Protandim is a patent-pending dietary supplement that increases the body's natural antioxidant protection by inducing two protective enzymes, superoxide dismustase (SOD) and catalase (CAT). These naturally occurring enzymes simply become overwhelmed by free radicals as we get older. Oxidative stress (cell damage caused by free radicals) occurs as a person ages, when subjected to environmental stresses or as an associated factor in certain illnesses. TBARS are laboratory markers for oxidative stress in the body. New data from a scientific study in men and women show that after 30 days of taking Protandim, the level of circulating TBARS decreased an average of 40 percent, with this decrease shown to be maintained at 120 days. Protandim strengthens a person's defenses against oxidative stress by increasing the body's natural antioxidant enzymes.


Ingredients in Protandim product
Ashwagandha is an Ayurvedic herb
Bacopa also has some mind enhancing properties.
Curcumin is an extract from turmeric. For more curcumin turmeric research information.
Green tea herb
Milk thistle herb

Protandim study results
Lifeline Therapeutics, Inc. has announced data from a human study published in the scientific journal, Free Radical Biology & Medicine (Jan. 15, 2006), that demonstrated Protandim (R) was able to reduce oxidative stress in men and women. Oxidative stress results when the balance between oxidants and antioxidant enzymes is upset. The study measured the levels of TBARS (thiobarbituric acid-reactive substances), harmful substances created when cells are damaged by oxidation, in 29 subjects. People taking Protandim (R) experienced reduced oxidative stress, as demonstrated by reducing the amount of TBARS circulating in the blood by an average of 40 percent. This reduced oxidative stress occurred as a result of significantly increasing the activity of antioxidant enzymes that naturally help regulate healthy oxidative balance. In this study, before starting Protandim, study participants, who ranged in age from 20 to 78, showed a strong age-related increase in TBARS. After 30 days of taking Protandim, a 40 percent average decrease in TBARS was seen, and the age-related increase was eliminated. By 120 days of supplementation, Protandim also significantly increased activity of superoxide dismutase and catalase antioxidant enzymes by 30 percent and 54 percent, respectively.


American Journal of Physiology. Lung Cellular and Molecular Physiology. 2012. Protandim does not influence alveolar epithelial permeability or intrapulmonary oxidative stress in human subjects with alcohol use disorders. Alcohol use disorders, including alcohol abuse and dependence, have been linked to the development of acute lung injury (ALI).


LifeVantage Corporation (OTC Bulletin Board: LFVN), the maker of Protandim and TrueScience Anti-Aging Cream, science-based solutions to oxidative stress, announced today that the Company's flagship product, Protandim, a patented dietary supplement composed of five highly synergistic "indirect antioxidants", is currently the subject of two human clinical trials at the University of Colorado, Denver. The studies, entitled The Effect of the Dietary Supplement Protandim on Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis: A Randomized, Double Blind, Placebo-Controlled Study and Double Blinded Placebo Controlled Trial of Protandim for Individuals With a History of Alcohol Abuse respectively, began enrolling patients earlier this year and are currently on-going. These two trials are now listed in the Clinical Trials Database, a registry of federally and privately supported clinical trials conducted in the United States and around the world.


ABC Prime Time had an episode in 2005 promoting the five herbs in Protandim as excellent antioxidants.

What do you think about this pill Protandim that they say may slow the aging process by increasing antioxidant enzymes that fight free radicals? I saw it on Primetime the other night!
   Protandim consists of 5 common herbal extracts: Ashwagandha, Bacopa, curcumin, green tea, and Milk thistle. These are all excellent herbs and one can buy them in this combination or take them separately. There are countless herbs that have potent antioxidant properties, not just these five. Others that come to mind include goji berry, acai berry, pomegranate, noni, basil, thyme, oregano, and countless others.


Q. Can I take Protandim the same day as saw palmetto and 5-htp?
   A. Probably. It can be taken with breakfast along with saw palmetto, and 5-HTP can be taken in the evening one to three hours before bed.


Q. My name is Paul Myhill and I’m the primary inventor of Protandim, the antioxidant catalyst that is being researched by Dr. Joe McCord and his colleagues at 20 universities. Thanks for your highlight of the Protandim product on your website. It has now been published twice in peer-reviewed scientific journals, has received two patents, and is featured in Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s book, Chasing Life. Please note that we are now distributing it using a network distribution model.


I have suffered for YEARS with blue, numb and painful fingers and toes, Raynauds disease. I have four sons and find myself out in the elements all of the time for sporting events. Last night I stood in the freezing rain, mud and cold holding and umbrella with no gloves the ENTIRE TWO HOURS! As I got in the car I realized that I did not have to wait a period of time to get the feeling back in my fingers in order to drive home and my feet were cold but not numb! As I thought back I realized that it had been MONTHS since I had this experience. (Used to occur occasionally in the summer months as well). I realize that you are probably bombarded with people sharing new things with you, but this is a scientific breakthrough - not specifically for Raynauds but it has been clinically shown to slow down cellular ageing. It is called Protandim. The scientist that discovered the SOD enzyme in the body 40 years ago at Duke University and who has been nominated for four Nobel Prizes as well as won the Elliot Cresson Medal is behind this. In fact, ABC Primetime did a clip on it about five years ago and since then 20 plus Universities around the world have done studies on this 3 patent herbal supplement. The results are unbelievable and there are more on the horizon. This is a Nrf2 Pathway activator which signals your body to increase production of SOD 34%, Catalase 54% and Glutathione 300%. I would love to share more with you and get your feedback and am happy to get you in contact with someone direct in the company and perhaps even Dr. Joe McCord. I believe in my heart that you will be glad you took a look and info on Dr. Joe McCord - and your patients will thank you.


I came across your website after I was doing research for a supplement that I currently use to increase my own bodies production of the enzymes SOD, glutathione and catalase. After reading the paragraph “Superoxide Dismutase supplements Do they work?” from your website, there is actually independent university studies with clinical trials on a supplement that works to increase the cells production of its own vital antioxidant enzymes to decrease oxidative stress. This supplement does not contain SOD but a combination of 5 botanicals that signals your body’s DNA to increase the production of antioxidant enzymes. It is also peer reviewed with published studies. Protandim increases SOD / glutathione levels.


I am a free lance author and journalist who has been researching various antioxidant therapies. A while ago I came across the subject of NrF2 activators in combating Reactive Oxygen Species and have been looking into various herbs that promote the activation of a number of enzymes responsible for combating oxidation in the human body. One product Protandim claims to help combat disease through the use of NrF2 activators. Ingredients listed on the bottle include extracts of milk thistle, green tea, tumeric, ashwagandha and bacopa many of which you individually formulate for Advanced Physician Formulas. Are you aware of this research and have you developed a product that combines compounds designed to help stimulate the production of ROS inhibiting enzymes such as superoxide dismutase (SOD) and catalayse?


Lifeline Therapeutics Income and Loss

DENVER, 2006 -- Lifeline Therapeutics, Inc. (iu) , maker of Protandim, today announced preliminary results for its fiscal year ended June 30, 2006. The company recorded net revenues of $7.2 million and a loss of $(2.7) million, or $(0.12) per share, for its fiscal year ended June 30, 2006. For its fiscal year ended June 30, 2005, revenues were $2.4 million and a loss of $ 5.8mlkp] million, or $(0.33) per share. Stephen K. Onody, CEO of Lifeline Therapeutics, commented: "Fiscal Year 2006 was a transition year for Lifeline Therapeutics. While we are pleased with the over 200% increase in revenue from our 2005 fiscal year, attributable to our first full year of shipment of Protandim, our operating results are not satisfactory. Our management changes and initiatives in distribution, advertising, and messaging are focused on sales growth and customer service, as reflected in the fourth quarter increase in operating expense in those areas.