Questions and Answers - Medical Questions regarding Passion Rx by Ray Sahelian, M.D.
February 10 2016

Please consult with your physician regarding the use of Passion Rx, particularly if you have a medical condition or you are taking prescriptions medicines. The following questions and answers are only provided as a general guideline. Some doctors are allowing their patients with certain medical problems or who are taking medications, or are older than 60 years to take Passion Rx every other day. At this rate the effects are milder and take longer to notice but the potential side effects are minimized. Passion Rx is taken in the morning, at least 20 minutes or preferably half an hour before breakfast. It is available with and without yohimbe herb. This product is used for male erectile and libido enhancement. Women notice enhanced sexual urge and pleasure.




When are the effects noticed?
When you first start Passion Rx, it usually takes a few days, 2 days on, 1 day off, to notice the effects, and once they start people feel the effects day and night at any time and the sexual enhancement can last even a day or two after stopping the pills. Once you notice the sexual improvement, you can reduce the number of days you take it. Many people only take Passion Rx two days a week.

Q. Occasionally we have a cocktail before dinner, and perhaps wine with dinner. Are there any concerns over Passion Rx being combined [unintentionally] with moderate, responsible alcohol consumption?
   A. We have not had any reports of one glass or wine or beer having any adverse reactions with Passion Rx. However we discourage drinking any more than a small amount on the days Passion Rx is used. Passion Rx pills are taken in the morning but the effects can last into the next day or two.

Passion Rx and birth control pills
Q. I am currently on birth control (Yasmin) and have been for almost 2 years. I would like to purchase Passion Rx but first I would like to know if that affect the effectiveness of my birth control?
   A. Based on the research of the herbs in Passion Rx, we do not have any indication that it would effect birth control pills, particularly since Passion Rx need not be taken every day, only 2 or 3 times a week.

Passion Rx and diabetes
Q. I am a type 2 diabetic, will Passion-Rx affect my blood sugar?
   A. We don't have any evidence that the herbs in Passion Rx affect blood sugar to any extent.

Passion Rx and hypertension
We can't advise people to take or not take Passion Rx, but we can provide general information that can be helpful if consulted with your doctor. As a rule, Passion Rx is not taken daily in the long run, only a few days a week such as 2 to 4 days. We have not found much of an effect of Passion Rx on blood pressure as long as the dose is kept to one capsule. For those who have moderate hypertension, your doctor may advise that you take half or 2/3 a capsule of Passion Rx rather than take a full one. This will slow the speed of effect of Passion Rx, but thus far we have had no reports of anyone having a bad reaction when they have used Passion Rx appropriately.

The possible herb in Passion Rx that may temporarily effect blood pressure is yohimbe. The effects of yohimbe last only a few hours, and we purposely put a small amount of yohimbe in order to minimize any potential side effects, yet still get some of the benefits from it. Clinically we have not found any elevation of blood pressure with Passion Rx with one capsule. Even if this small amount of yohimbe influences blood pressure, the effects would be minimal and only last a few hours. To be extra cautious, those with hypertension could take the slow libido approach and use one-half of a capsule over a period of three or four days, and do so under medical supervision. We have many users of Passion Rx who are on different medicines including diuretics, beta blockers, and ACE inhibitors. Under medical supervision, hypertensives are able to use Passion Rx in low doses without difficulty.

Q. I am taking medication for hypertension and have had a heart attack, with little damage so I was told. The medicine produced ED to the point that Viagra didn't help. Should I use Passion Rx while on these meds?
   A. Only you and your doctor decides Passion Rx is appropriate for you. We have some doctors who are recommending half of a capsule 2 days on, 2 days off which often provides a gradual sexual enhancement with hardly any side effects. However this low dose and slow approach takes longer (a week or two) to provide benefits than higher doses which work within a few days. The capsules can be opened easily and a quarter or a third emptied in a glass with an ounce or two of juice.

Prostate cancer
Q. I Would be very grateful for your respond my question. Can a patient suffering many years from cancer of prostate use Passion Rx?
   A. We don't suspect any of the herbs in Passion Rx to have any significant effect on prostate cancer.

Prostate enlargement, prostate drugs
Q. Are there any cautions regarding Passion Rx someone with diagnosed with mild BPH?
   A. We caution individuals with severe heart conditions or severe high blood pressure to use Passion very carefully, however we have no indications that Passion Rx has any untoward effects with mild prostate enlargement.

Q. I take Hytrin and Flomax for an enlarged prostate and want to know if Passion RX is OK to take with these drugs.
   A. It would not be possible to give a blanket statement that any product for sexual enhancement, whether pharmaceutical or herbal is completely safe, or has no interactions with medicines. They all carry a risk. Much of this risk is dose dependent, that is, the higher the dose of the sexual enhancement product, the higher the risk for side effects. We do not suspect the herbs in Passion Rx would interfere with Hytrin and Flomax but we cannot be certain about this. We have not come across side effects of any significance when a low dose approach is used with half of a capsule.

SSRI drugs
Q. Can I take Passion Rx if I'm taking Prozac?
   A. SSRIs such as Prozac, Zoloft, and Paxil influence serotonin in the brain leading to reduced sex drive. Even though Passion Rx enhances sex drive, we have not tested it in combination with these drugs therefore we would recommend getting approval from your doctor who may recommend you skip the SSRI drug on the days that you take Passion Rx.

Q. I'm taking Prozac. Could I take Passion Rx together with the Prozac?
   A. The answer would be similar to the above question.  it would take forever to test Passion Rx in people who are taking medicines or other supplements since there are thousands of drugs and supplement and herbal products. Plus, each person taking a medicine is physiologically different from another individual taking the same medicine. For these reasons, we recommend discussing with you physician before using Passion Rx.
   However, we can make general statements that could help your doctor in recommending this product. It appears thus far that Passion Rx is safe to use when limited to half of a capsule a day for 2 days on, 2 or more days off in most everyone except those who are on very high doses of anti-depressants, anti-hypertensive medicines, stimulants, chemotherapy drugs, etc. If possible, we suggest not taking a medicine the same day as Passion Rx, if your doctor approves.

Sperm count
Q. Does Passion-Rx help aid in raising sperm count? If not do you have a product that will raise sperm counts in order for me and my wife to have another child.
   A. Many people report more semen volume when using Passion Rx, but we have no formal studies regarding actually counting sperm counts in people who have taken Passion Rx. See sperm for more information.

Q. I had a vasectomy about 12 years ago and had pain for a few months afterwards. It seems I now have erectile dysfunction. I have tried some herbs that have helped. However, some of these herbs may increase testosterone. That my be my problem. Therefore, I was thinking of purchasing Prostate Power Rx and Passion Rx. Are these two products compatible? It seems one will increase testosterone while the other will diminish it.
     A. Some of the herbs in Prostate Power Rx do block testosterone in prostate tissue. As to Passion Rx, it is difficult to say exactly how it works since it has more than a dozen herbs and each herb has hundreds of compounds in it, therefore it is too complicated to know all the influences it has on hormones or brain and body chemistry. We just know the end result that it works. And most people do not need to take Passion Rx every day.
   Some men who undergo vasectomy may have some pain for months afterward. During a vasectomy, a surgeon cuts the tubes through which sperm move from the testes into the semen. This is done through a small cut in the scrotum; in more recent years, many surgeons have begun using the "no-scalpel" technique, in which the surgeon makes a tiny puncture in the scrotum, rather than a traditional incision. This way, stitches are unnecessary.

frequency of use
Q. How long do the herbs in Passion Rx take to leave the body? More specifically, how long can one go without taking the product at all, and still maintain low-to-moderate levels in the body as a "springboard" for the next time the product is taken?
   A, Usually 3 to 5 days. But each person is different.

Passion Rx side effects
Q. If I take too much I feel unusually energized and may get a slight headache. Can I assume these are known effects? And, will low doses of 5-HTP ameliorate these undesirable effects, or is this not recommended?
   A. Yes, high doses can cause side effects of too much energy, restlessness, mild headache and insomnia. We prefer taking less Passion Rx rather than trying to counteract it with another nutrient.

Q. Can Passion Rx cause mild insomnia? For example, if a low dose (1/2 capsule) is taken for two days, then 1 to 2 capsules are taken on the day of planned activity, it is possible that it could be harder to fall asleep on the third night?
   A. Yes, a side effect of high dose Passion Rx is insomnia. The higher the dose, the more insomnia. The slow libido enhancement with a capsule taken every other day or every third day may be a good option.

Q. Passion Rx works as advertised, but I have noticed a rash on my left forearm and wondering if the Passion Rx is related.
   A. This is the first report we have had about a rash after several years on the market. Normally if a rash is being caused by something internal, it causes a symmetric rash on both arms. If it's one arm it is most likely a local irritant.  One good was to be very sure is to stop the Passion Rx for a few days until the rash goes away and restart to see if it occurs. Please consult with your physician since we cannot assume this responsibility. Please let us know your updates.

Passion Rx and work
Q. My wife and I both work in professional, white-collar environments where clear thinking and job performance are essential. Reading about the positive side effects, I see the benefits of Passion Rx are compatible with such work environments. However, is it possible that one might become "distracted with desire" while at work? Or would you suggest this is unlikely (I realize everyone may respond differently)? Keep up the great work, Dr. Sahelian (my father is a physician, a retired internist). I have a dog-eared and underlined copy of Mind Boosters that has been my bible for the past 3 years. I am particularly interested in your discussion of feedback inhibition* -- one reason, I assume, why taking "vitamin holidays" is important.
   Q. It is possible to get distracted with sexual thoughts, but sometimes people don't notice the sexual effects unless they are being intimate. Each person is different. In case users find it distracting, they could take Passion Rx on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Impotence drugs
Q. Can Passion Rx be taken with Viagra, Levitra or Cialis
erectile dysfunction therapies?
   A. We have not tested this natural medicine in combination with these pharmaceutical impotence drugs but are curious to get feedback. Any kind of mix of drugs and supplements should be done under medical supervision. The effects of Passion Rx are noticed usually the second day. A doctor could recommend taking Passion Rx in the morning before breakfast the day before, while a smaller amount of a prescription drug, for instance 25 mg of Viagra rather than 50 or 100 mg, could be taken the evening of the second day. Of course, your doctor should be aware of this and approve it.

Q. How would you compare Passion Rx to Viagra?
   A. Viagra
impotence solution works very well to improve erections in men within an hour or two of use and the effects last up to 12 hours. Viagra is quite effective in causing erections in about 60 percent of users, however it does not have much of an effect on other aspects of sexuality such as libido or sensation. On the other hand, Passion Rx, having only natural herbs, works slower over a period of 2 to 4 days. Plus, Passion Rx works in men and women, whereas Viagra is only indicated for men. Not only does Passion Rx improve erections (not as immediately as Viagra, though), but it also enhances sex drive, interest, sensation, and stamina. Women and men love the effects. The overall sexual experience with Passion Rx is much more pleasant and natural than Viagra alone. Plus, Passion Rx doesn't have the side effects that Viagra has which include nausea, headache, runny nose, blurred vision, sometimes serious side effects such as chest pain, and there have even been reports of fatalities from Viagra. The most common side effects from Passion Rx are mostly increased body temperature and insomnia. Rapid heart beat can occur with Passion Rx when more than 1 capsule is ingested.

Passion Rx for older people
Q. I'm 84 years old. I am healthy and active enough to play golf with three of my boys, but my age is creeping up on me.  I cannot produce an erection therefore cannot satisfy my wife, though I'm thankful she isn't bothered by that. I'm very distrustful of chemical pills. My primary provider put me on saw palmetto a few years back, and my urinologist gave me sample Viagra pills. After reading the side effects, I decided not to use them. I don't want my sex life to dominate or to shorten my remaining days. In my research I was attracted by Passion Rx. I like the fact that it's all natural and all the other claims you make for it. Could you advise me as to what I should do.
   A. We are not in a position to give specific advice since that is the role of your personal health care provider. However, we can say that some doctors are recommending Passion Rx to their patients over the age of 60 but only in low doses such as half of a capsule 2 days on 2 days off. The effects come more gradually but it is a good, cautious, approach. Please have your physician make the final decision for you.

Passion Rx for women with a hysterectomy
Q. I do understand that I may benefit from Passion Rx, but I no longer have my uterus. So is Passion Rx still good for me.
   A. Passion Rx does not rely on an intact uterus for effectiveness.

Q. What is the right Passion Rx dosage?
   A. Some people find half a capsule 2 days on, one or more days off works well while others may need a full capsule 2 days on, one day off. It's impossible for us to predict the dosage you would need but starting with a small amount is a cautious approach. It's best taken on an empty stomach first thing in the morning at least 20 minutes before breakfast.

Vaginal dryness
Q. Will Passion Rx help vaginal dryness from menopause,
is it helpful for female libido enhancement?
   A. We have not tested this product in regards to vaginal dryness but we have some women report improved lubrication and for certain improved sexual drive.

Passion Rx and beta blockers
Q. I am on Beta Blockers. Viagra is not good for people on this medication. How about Passion Rx?
   A. As far as we know, Passion Rx should not interfere with beta blockers, especially if you are cautious and limit Passion Rx to half a capsule a day. However, if you are taking a beta blocker due to a heart condition, we don't suggest using Passion Rx since it can cause rapid heart beat in high doses. Beta blockers can cause impotence.

Sex drive enhancement
Q. I have a normal sex drive, does Passion Rx increase sexuality in those who have a normal libido?
   A. Yes, for certain. Passion Rx not only helps those who have low sex drive or the ability to perform, but it also enhances sexual enjoyment in those who have a normal libido.

Passion Rx while nursing
Q. Are the herbs in Passion Rx for women okay to take while nursing a baby?
   A. You ask a good question. We don't have any studies to rely on regarding this issue, therefore for the time being we would not recommend the use of Passion Rx while nursing unless small doses are used, such as half of a capsule and not more than 2 days on, 2 days off, and under the approval of your health care provider.

Passion Rx and multiple sclerosis
Q. I am a 59 yr old lady with multiple sclerosis. Will passion rx help me out?
   A. We are not in a position to make specific recommendations since that is the role of your physician. All we can say is that many doctors recommend Passion Rx to their patients with various conditions but use a low dose or less frequently.

Passion Rx and myeloproliferative disease
Q. I've had a myeloproliferative disease (a rare blood cancer) that's now in remission. Is it ok for me to use Passion Rx?
   A. We get many questions from those interested in Passion Rx who have a variety of medical conditions. As you may realize, it would take forever to test Passion Rx in people who have all kinds of medical conditions since there are thousands of medical diseases. Plus, each person with a medical condition is different from another individual with the same condition. For these reasons, we recommend discussing with you physician before using Passion Rx.
However, we can make general statements that could help your doctor in recommending this product. It appears thus far that Passion Rx is safe to use when limited to a capsule every other day or every third day.

Penis size
Q. Do you know of any proven or almost certain herbs that can be taken to aid in the increase of penis size. Does Passion Rx increase penis size?
   A. Many sellers of penis enlargement products may initially make gigantic sales, but once the consumer finds out that his private member reaches the exact same spot on the measuring tape as before, sales of the products are likely to go limp. Passion Rx does not increase the size of a penis. Anatomically that is not a possible outcome with any herb or supplement. However, this product can help you achieve the maximum size your penis could achieve under ideal stimulation.

Passion Rx and SAM-e supplement
Q. Can Passion Rx be taken together with SAM-e and fish oils?
   A. Since it has an energizing effect, it would be best not to combine it with other powerful stimulants such as SAM-e.

Passion Rx and fish oils
Q. Can Passion Rx be taken together with fish oils?
   A. We don't see any problems taking Passion Rx with up to three or four fish oil pills a day.

Passion Rx long term use
Q. After a while I find I am very sensitive to Passion Rx -- sometimes even half of a capsule daily for 2 to 3 days is too much.
   A. Some people are very sensitive to herbs while others need 2 capsules to notice. We tried to find a dose that would make most people notice the effects but not too low to make them discouraged and not too high to give side effects.

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