Shiva Rea Yoga DVD Lunar Flow and Yoga Shakti by Ray Sahelian, M.D.
March 2 2014


Siva Rea is a yoga instructor who resides in the Los Angeles area and teaches at a beautiful and well decorated studio called Exhale in Venice, CA. Shiva Rea also facilitates yoga seminars and workshops around the world. Shiva Rea is married to James, a wonderful man who is kind and sweet, a naturopath and knowledgeable about Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine. They have an active and engaging son, Jai Jai.

Shiva Rea teaches vinyasa flow yoga. She has studied many forms of yoga and dance in India, Africa, Jamaica, and Bali. Shiva Rea was on the cover of Yoga Journal in June of 2006. She holds an MA in Dance from UCLA’s World Arts and Cultures Program. Once a month or so, Shiva Rea facilitates a yoga trance dance at Exhale yoga studio in Venice, CA.


I have personally met Shiva Rea and I am quite impressed by her. She walks the talk. She is down to earth, smart, and has a warm heart. I have taken several workshops with Shiva Rea at Esalen in Big Sur, CA, on a yoga cruise in the Caribbean, and at a yoga retreat on the beautiful Island of Santorini in Greece in June of 2006. Each time I have been impressed by her poise and kindness. See below for a letter from Shiva Rea to the group after we returned.


Yoga DVDs by Shiva Rea

Lunar Flow Yoga by Shiva Rea (DVD) - Lunar Flow Yoga - Daily practices for flexibility, balance and rejuvenation. Filmed in the Maldive Islands and Southern India.

     Lunar Flow Yoga presents four meditative, calming vinyasa practices filmed on the beaches of India and the Maldive Islands; an innovative DVD feature also allows practitioners to build their own sequences from the components of each practice. In Lunar Flow Yoga instructor Shiva Rea incorporates dance and other nontraditional influences into classical Ashtanga yoga.

Hatha yoga symbolizes the union of the sun (ha) and the moon (tha), and, in practice, lunar refers to the calming, slower-paced, internal poses that are appropriate for any time of day—especially when you are seeking a soothing, rejuvenative practice. Now, world-renowned yoga teacher Shiva Rea offers Lunar Flow Yoga. Shiva Rea guides both beginning and intermediate students through a rejuvenating flow of postures, including backbends, forward bends and twists, inversions, and meditation, accompanied by a down-tempo, world-groove sountrack. DVD, 103 minutes.

Shiva Rea - Yoga Shakti by Jean-Michel Jarre and Marc Caro (DVD) - Yoga Shakti - Complete transformational vinyasa yoga practice. Build a customized home practice using the interactive yoga matrix.

Internationally acclaimed vinyasa flow yoga teacher Shiva Rea revolutionizes the instructional yoga video genre with Yoga Shakti- the first user-personalized practice DVD designed to immerse practitioners in the free flow of shakti, the dynamic, creative fire of the universe.

Filmed on location in India and the Maldive Islands on stunning digital video, Yoga Shakti integrates tradition and modern innovation in a powerful new learning system that evolves with the student. Viewers simply select their favorite practices from a simple-to-use yoga menu filled with a rich variety of moving postures, meditations, and shavasana relaxationsand then press 'play' to enjoy. To help them get started, Shiva Rea includes a complete list of suggested sequences, ranging from five-minute tune-up sessions to extended hour-long yoga immersions.

A rich soundtrack featuring traditional Indian musicians as well as contemporary ambient and underground under

With Yoga Shakti, yoga lovers of all levels are invited to infuse their home practice with joy, vitality, and spontaneity?and to release shakti, the energetic essence within.

2 DVDs, 4.5 hours

• Core techniques and progressive practices of vinyasa flow yoga
• Creates a foundation of strength and fluidity
• Six Alignment Focus tutorials for maximizing energy flow in yoga postures
• Four complete hour-long sequences including Foundation, Solar Flows I and II, and Lunar Flow I
• Short, inspirational films combining spoken word and evocative image-scapes from India.

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Shiva Rea letter after the Santorini Yoga retreat

Namaste lovely Santorini tribe!
We are fully back in Los Angeles and enjoying the waves in the Pacific Ocean~ Missing our magical experience with each of you in Santorini, but inspired by it everyday! Thank you all for your wonderful presence and energy in Oia! From the prana-filled yoga practices to the exhilarating sailing trip to the volcano, we thank each of you for being there to share yourselves, smiles, spirits and love~! We look forward to spending more moments together and until then will keep Santorini in our hearts~ We wanted to share with you both the contact list (so we can all keep in touch) and a link to share your photos. You may set up your own account and then upload your photos (yea!!!) With many blessings to you all! All the best,
Shiva, James and Daphne
of Yogadventures