Stamazide Review - Formerly Stamanex by Liposlim Systems Ray Sahelian, M.D.'s research staff -

As a rule we do not review or comment on other products except when a company mentions one of the products Dr. Sahelian has formulated in a deceitful way. Hence, when we received an email from a consumer asking why Passion Rx was mentioned as a product ranking lower than another product called Stamazide, we searched the internet. We found that on the keyword Passion Rx on google, a website called Consumer Health Digest was using Passion Rx to steer customers to a product called Stamazide by LipoSlim Systems. This triggered us to create this page to set the matter straight regarding details about Stamazide and Lipo slim systems. We cached the page on the internet where these claims are made so that Liposlim systems and Stamazide do not later claim that they never made such claims. We have referred this case to our legal department who is evaluating this for trademark infringement and false and misleading advertising.

Question received by email
Q. Hi, I was doing a search for Passion-Rx on google and came across a website was claiming that Stamazide is a number one pick and had ranked Passion Rx lower. Can you tell me more about Stamazide. Does Stamazide work? Do you have a Stamazide review. I also wanted to know if there had been any studies regarding the comparison of Stamazide and Passion Rx. How does the website Consumer Health Digest know whether Stamazide is better than other sex products?
     A. There are several so called sexual product review sites on the internet that make it appear that they are independent but are actually a front for the company that sells the top listed product. In the case of Stamazide, we have not tested this product ourselves, so we don't have a Stamazide review. Limited feedback from users of Stamazide has been mixed with one person noticing an increase in libido while three others were not satisfied and one person had unpleasant skin flushing. Stamazide sellers claim that their product is number 1 from a list of 35 products. Now, how would they know this. Did they hire a group of sex experts at an academic center and tested 35 products in thousands of people with a double blind placebo trial? Of course not. Therefore, just the fact that these Stamazide sellers are making these kinds of claims immediately says a lot about their integrity, or lack thereof.

Stamazide ingredients
Product Name: Stamazide by LipoSlim Systems as promoted on Consumer Health Digest web site
Stamazide ingredients:

Stamazide is formulated with German Tribulus (70% Furostanolic Saponins) - note: we're not sure why they need to mention 'German.' Tribulus is found all over the planet and there are no studies that indicate German tribulus is any better than tribulus from other sources.

Stamazide also contains an ingredient called Fenusterols (70% Furostanolic Saponins).

contains an ingredient called Horny Goat Weed (standardized for 50mg Icarin).

has Niacin.

Stamazide contains avena sativa and long jack root.

Claims made by Stamazide on the LipoSlim Systems website:
The ingredients included in the Stamazide formula are blended to increase testosterone. Stamazide addresses andropause from many different angles. Stimulation of the testosterone production is a prime focus of the Stamazide Formula.

Stamazide is designed for optimal sexual health

Stamazide will enhance your testosterone levels by replenishing your depleting stores of testosterone. Stamazide utilizes key clinically proven ingredients which will increase mental alertness, enthusiasm, energy, libido, stamina, endurance, muscle tone, and decrease fat. Stamazide puts you on a path to a leaner, healthier, more energetic you. Stamazide's patented formula was created to help regain optimal hormone levels… without the hassle of prescriptions!

What makes Stamazide so effective?
Happy, Vital Couple Studies have shown that the ingredients in Stamazide help to:

* Increase Libido & Sex Drive

* Enhance Sexual Stamina

Stamazide is 100% Safe, Natural and Effective!

Stamazide Ignites Your Sexual Performance

Bottom LIne regarding Stamazide Review
The sellers of Stamazide have not done any studies that are published to back up their claim that Stamazide is any better than the hundreds of other sexual enhancement products on the market. Hence, they owe the public an apology for misleading and false advertising. The integrity of the sellers of Stamazide is seriously damaged.
     Furthermore, Stamazide makers claim their product is 100 percent safe. There is no such thing with sexual herbs. Almost every herb or herbal combination can have a potential side effect. If they are misleading the consumers on these important factors, how can anyone trust LipoSlim Systems and their Stamazide product? How can you trust any recommendations made on the Consumer Health Digest web site?

Stamazide Review
We have no intention of swallowing a Stamazide pill to determine if it is effective. If we cannot trust the honesty of their marketing department, how can we trust the rest of the Stamazide and LipoSlim Systems people who make this product?

Stamazide supporter sends an email: I noticed your review about Stamazide and Passion Rx. It was funny to me how you claim that Liposlim Systems is doing deceitful marketing when yet your link clearly tries to discredit Stamazide instead. I saw the Consumer Health Page which is very detailed and insighful and it does nothing to slander the Passion Rx product. It justs ranks it lower than Stamazide because anyone can see the ingredient list and tell that Passion Rx is weak. I guess that is why you see Stamazide in every major health chain store and no one has ever heard of Passion Rx.

The research staff responds to the Stamazide supporter's email (perhaps it is the owner of LipoSlims Systems company who sent the above email pretending to be a Stamazide customer). The email came from
     If a person claims they can tell how potent a sexual enhancement product is simply by looking at the ingredients on the label, they have a lot to learn about sexual herbs. There are certain ingredients that come in high potency extract where even a few milligrams can be quite potent. Furthermore, Stamazide and Passion rx have at least a couple of similar herbs, Horny goat weed and Tribulus. If Stamazide and LipoSlim Systems rank products on their web site uifgbased on a cursory look at the ingredients, they are likely to benefit by spending a little time in a clinical research lab to learn about statistics, double blind studies, etc, since it is apparent they have little or no scientific or research knowledge. Stamazide people claim that their product is in every major health chain store (if true). Well, so is Pepsi and Coke, but that does not make these drinks healthier than organic carrot juice which has a smaller distribution. Passion Rx is highly popular and respected and has a very high rate of reorder. There is also a version of Passion Rx with yohimbe.
     As to your claim that nobody has heard of Passion Rx, apparently the people at Stamazide were concerned enough regarding the increasing popularity of Passion Rx that you guys took the trouble to take out a Passion Rx ad on google and to make an effort to compare it to Stamazide. Hence, all of your arguments are weak and again reflect the overall lack of morals and lack of integrity of your company. If Stamazide had enough confidence in their product, they would not feel the need to take out ads comparing their product against others and slandering other sexual products. Shame on Stamazide, Consumer Health Digest website, and LipoSlim Systems.

Stamazide Review emails
Q.  I took Stamazide because I am 36 years old and have a very low sex drive. I was quite disappointed since I now still have low sex drive but short on 45 dollars. My friend said Stamazide gave him a headache and he couldn't sleep.
   A. Each person is different on which products or single sex herbs they respond to. Perhaps some people respond to Stamazide, others may respond to another herbal combination or single herbs such as tribulus terrestris, tongkat ali, or horny goat weed.