Passion Rx Testimonials, effectiveness, side effects, adverse reactions
September 12 2016

Note: As best as we try to formulate a product that works for everyone, this is nearly impossible to do. Some people are extremely sensitive and notice side effects on small amounts of herbs, while others may take several times as much and still not notice an effect. We have tried to balance this formula to take away any harshness and provide a smooth experience. The effects improve over several days of use.
   Keep in mind that prescription medications for impotence or erectile dysfunction, such as Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis, are found to work at most in 70 percent of users. Therefore, even the most effective pills do not work for everyone.

Testimonials, questions, and feedback regarding Passion Rx
Q. I purchased a bottle of both Passion Rx and Passion Rx with Yohimbe and I am quite pleased with the results. I re-awakened a part of me that I had thought was gone forever, and I am so thankful that my libido has reached a level that I have not experienced for literally decades. The only side effect that I have noticed is that, if I drink a cup of coffee on the same day that I take a capsule, I have a difficult time falling asleep. For that reason, I am limiting my coffee intake (which is not a great problem, given the outstanding effects of taking Passion Rx.
   A. Thank you. Shallow sleep can occur if people drink coffee or take supplements that increase alertness the same day as Passion Rx. You may consider drinking tea or decaf coffee.

Q. My wife and I (we are both 62, newly married but have been together for a long time) have tried a bottle of Passion Rx. I have tried other enhancers to jumpstart my own issues but without success until I used this product. Seems to be working quite well. Mind Power Rx helps us with better mental focus, concentration, and mood;

Q. I have been using Passion Rx for a few months now with excellent results. My wife who is entering menopause (no period for 7 months) would like some help in increasing a diminished libido. I gather that Passion Rx might be effective for her but as she has a family history of breast cancer (her mother and some cousins) we would like to know if Passion Rx would be advisable for her. If there are one or more ingredients that would not be appropriate, is there some other product you could recommend?
   A. We don't see a contraindication to use Passion Rx for post breast cancer patients. In fact, some of the ingredients in this formula, for instance tongkat ali, have anti breast cancer potential in research studies.

Q. My therapist here in Santa Monica suggested I consider Passion Rx when I complained of low libido. I am 62 and this condition has been worsening over the past year or two. I ordered a bottle of Passion Rx a few days ago and received it very promptly. I have taken a capsule 2 days on, one or two days off for the past few days and have noticed a remarkable increase in sexual desire. I just wanted to thank you for this remarkable change.

Q. I must say, the stuff produced results but I felt hardly any negative side effects I've experienced with yohimbe. Going through the ingredients on your label, I can't really see anything there besides tongkat ali that would produce such results, but I have to say that, at least based on one dose, I'm really impressed.

Q. I tried the combination of Mind Power Rx (taken on off days from Passion Rx) and Passion Rx and for me it seems to make the sex booster work much better!

Q. My husband has been using Passion Rx. He is 61 and so he takes a capsule upon rising and waits at least 30 minutes before eating. We are on our 5th day (with a day off in between) and I can tell you that it 'kicked in' finally. He said he felt libido and desire 'suddenly' and that he had not felt that way for awhile. This is wonderful as much of his anxiety and depression has been linked to his feelings of inadequacy sexually. I want to continue with Passion Rx for him but I do know that one must cycle tongkat qli. When you say that for long term use, you can take it every two or three days? Thank you very much for getting back to me on these questions. So far, I am very impressed with your product....and so is my husband.
 A. Each person is unique in their dosage requirement, we would suggest using the lowest amount that works. Try a capsule every other day or every third day, and if it works, then that minimizes any potential side effects.

Q. Nearly a month ago, I ordered my first bottle of Passion Rx just to see. I live in Mexico, so I had it sent to a Texas lawyer friend who comes down frequently. I read all the cautions and such that came with the pills. Then I took one. I monitored my systolic and diastolic and heart rate. All that went up, but only by 2 points or so. I'm 72 but in excellent physical condition. Anyway, I had no immediate success with Passion Rx. I initially ordered it because Cialis wasn't working anymore, either, not with much consistency. To be honest with you, Cialis didn't seem to help much. Now, however, two weeks into it, well, day before yesterday I took Passion Rx because that night was an "every fourth night," as my wife has . . . paced us. Next morning, yesterday morning, I took another Passion Rx as I have done every other day since I got it. Last night . . . well, actually, during the day yesterday I had several spontaneous erections . . . but last night, I satisfied my wife and could have done as well for two of her friends (not that either of us is into that kind of thing). I've mentioned this partially in hopes of feedback as to the "build up time" in someone my age . . . if it is consistent with feedback from others . . . and partially so you might consider passing it on to others (without using my name). I'm hopeful and have cause to be, that, perhaps particularly in people my age . . . not to expect an overnight dramatic turnaround . . . give it a couple of weeks or so.
   A. Most people respond within a few days, some people may need longer to notice.

Q.. WOW!!!! This latest Passion Rx Formula is incredible!! Man this stuff is awesome. My erections are now just so rigid and full. I am experiencing numerous erections without any direct stimulation. I feel like am 20 again. My wife can't believe it. she doesn't know I am taking it. We just hold each other in bed now and I am fully erect. Made love four times last week. There were times when a month would go by without any lovemaking. I wasn't all that interested. I started by taking one capsule every second day. I still am taking that dosage. I never found any response until about the third dosage. And funny, the effects seem as strong on the off day. Another thing, my penis, when flaccid or non erect seems to feel fuller. Do you understand? Like it just seems more alive as if it is ready to go erect at any minute. It is a great feeling. At one capsule every second day, that is a two  month supply. Great value!! Another thing, I informed my Health Store Rep, about how effective the Passion Rx is. He is interested in purchasing a box of 6 or 12 as a trial sale. To see how it sells and then take it from there. I told him I think it will sell unbelievably. I know that the Passion Rx is simply enhancing my erection quality in a big way. And oh yes, one more important point. With all the aforementioned benefits, of course my libido is in high gear, something that had been lacking. I may have to find a girlfriend or two!!!  PW, male, 45, Toronto, Canada
Q. Thank you!!!!!! My husband has been diagnosed with Multiple Scleroses five years ago. It took a toll on his body and mind. My husband is taking an injection of Avonex once a week. Needless to say, our love life went from great to almost non existent. A friend talked to me about your product Passion Rx and suggested we should give it a try. I thought, at worst the only thing I could lose would be the cost of the product. So I placed an order, I received my Passion Rx and started giving it to my husband, who at first was reluctant to take it. Much to our surprise, he started feeling the positive effects of Passion Rx approximately one week later. He was taking one capsule every other day. We now enjoy a healthy, longer lasting and full filling love life once more. Thank you for putting forth the effort of finding natural remedies, that people who do have to be on medication can also take.

Q. A friend of mine had ordered Passion Rx for her husband who suffers from multiple sclerosis. She was not certain if it would work for him being that he is taking Avonex once a week via injection. I saw her at lunch today and she was "beaming". So I guess, thank you for keeping my friend happy.

Q. I found Passion Rx with Yohimbe version to lead to powerful and consistent erections. I also noticed, I'm not sure how to say it, a calming and heart opening feeling. The one side effect I had was a slight blurring of vision for 3 hours after I took it the first time, but then it seemed to go away and then the rest of the afternoon and evening my vision was extremely sharp. The vision was sharp the next day, too. I'm really amazed on how effective it is on causing longer lasting erections and increased libido. I can see why you mention on the website that it not be used every day since it seems to work the next day also without taking it again. When I tried 2 capsules I felt heart palpitations. Justin, age 49.

Q. I have been working through my pack of Passion Rx. I do notice all the effects mentioned -- erection, sensation, orgasm, mood, and vision. My orgasms are more powerful.

Q. I have purchased Passion Rx capsules and have found them to be successful. I am a 58-year-old male that up until two months ago I had no problem sexually. I have been undergoing an enormous amount of stress at work during the past two months and have found a significant decrease in my sexual desires. I found that I have to take one capsule per day for three days before I notice a sexual desire returning. I am interested in continuing with this product but I do have some general questions as I do realize that you cannot provide individual or direct information. My general questions are:

1. Is there any known adverse interaction or reaction with any specific prescribed medications?
2. Are there any known detrimental side effects for long-term use?
3. Do MD's generally know this product at large? Would a family doctor be aware of this product?

   A. That's great that you found Passion Rx helpful to you. Our latest version takes a little longer to work but the side effects are minimal. We wanted to create a slower, more gentle sexual enhancement product rather than a harsh effect.
1. We have not tested Passion Rx with other medicines and hence we don't know how it would interact. There's so much individual variability in herb / medicine combinations, plus the dosage of the drugs, the overall health of the individual, diet, age, climate, activity level, and a number of other factors can play a role in these types of interactions.
2. As long as breaks are taken, such as using Passion Rx no more than 3 or 4 days a week, and a week off each month, we don't foresee any significant problems with long term use, although it is possible that some rare individuals may have undesired effects. This is also true of Viagra and almost all herbs and medicines.
3. Almost all MDs would probably not be familiar with some of the ingredients in Passion Rx since many of them are exotic and not well known in the West.

Q. It's interesting.... I took one capsule the first day, felt a mild sexual interest increase, then I took another the next day, with more of an impact later in the afternoon and evening. The third day I didn't take any, but I was much more aroused than on day one or two. I wonder if some of the herbs do kick in a day or two later as mentioned on the web site. Paula, 54, Port Townsend, WA.
   A. Yes, a few of the herbs can have a delayed effect.

Q. It's been one week that I have taken Passion Rx every other day and finally noticed wonderful enhancing effect. Can I also take tongkat ali with the Passion Rx?
   A. In some cases alternating Passion Rx with Tongkat Ali 200 mg can be helpful, for instance 2 days Passion Rx, taking 2 days off, and 2 days tongkat ali. Others find hormones such as DHEA helpful. In some cases taking 1 to 3 fish oils capsules in the morning with breakfast, or eating a few ounces of salmon or halibut daily, can have a positive effect after a few days. Prostate Power Rx is also an excellent product to take on the days when the sex booster is not being used.

Q. Does Passion Rx work in everyone?
   A. Unfortunately we find 2 out of 10 people just don't notice it. This is also true of Viagra and other drugs. Sex herbs and drugs just don't work in everyone.

Q. For me, Passion Rx seems to kick in strongest on the third day -- mostly with great sensation and longer lasting and harder erections. I have tried several sex enhancer products in the past, and one of them worked the first day but it had yohimbe and it made me feel sweaty and sick -- not the best way to have intimacy. I did not have any bad side effects from Passion Rx, in fact, I really liked the non-stimulant type energy and wellbeing. Thomas, 49, Miami. 

Q. I followed the suggestion on the website and took one Passion Rx without yohimbe capsule in the morning as soon as I got up.  Within 3 to 4 hours I noticed that my vision was better (objects were sharper and more pleasant to look at, I've never had this before, it was really nice), and as the day went on I had the most wonderful energy and mood lift. The sexual effects were mild. The second morning I took one capsule again, and this time noticed similar effects but quicker and more prominent. The third morning, on Saturday, I did not take any capsules but noticed my thoughts turning towards sex. As the day went on, my libido got more and more prominent, my genital sensation increased, and I approached my wife (we've had a poor sexual relationship in the past few months) and I was in the mood. My erections were faster to come, more prolonged, and my sexual stamina was better than I could remember in several years... I noticed I would easily get an erection soon after ejaculation, and the ejaculations were more explosive, like my teen years. This product really works!! The only side effects I noticed was having a lot of energy and I realized I was talking more than usual. Michael, 55, Austin, TX.

Q. I took one Passion Rx capsule in the morning and went about my day. Same thing the next day. In the afternoon I realized I was quite horny, and when I pleasured myself, I was much more lubricated than normal and the clitoral sensation was enhanced. I had no bad side effects. I did notice having more energy and motivation. Lauren, 45, Hollywood, CA.

Q. Within a few hours of taking a capsules of Passion Rx without yohimbe, your latest one, I noticed things i looked at were brighter and sharper, followed by feeling more energetic and motivated, and later in the evening, when I touched myself, the sensation was enhanced, and it kept getting more intense the next day.

Q. I took a capsule the first two days and found my thoughts going towards sex. But it really hit me the third day when I took it again... I just could not stop touching myself... just could not stop... the sensation was intense. The fourth day I did not take any capsules yet I still had a spontaneous erection all morning and my thoughts were all erotic. Karl, 47, Philadelphia

Q. This product is amazing! Although I had some enhanced libido the second day, it was the third and fourth days that wow... i felt like i was 18, actually even hornier than when i was 18. I have to find myself a girlfriend now. Lately work took my whole focus and I had forgotten what it felt like to be desirous of a woman. Chris, 42, Bend, OR

Q. Does Passion Rx sometimes really kick in the second or third day? I felt little sexual effect the first day I took it, but it was the second and third days when it really hit me. I'm lubricating more, having more intense orgasms, and my libido is as strong, or even stronger, than during my teenage years. I'm a survivor of breast cancer and cancer chemotherapy, and that took away to a large extent my sexual urge. I'm so glad it's back again!!  Sandy, 50, Beverly Hills, CA

Q. Back in October I bought 2 bottles. It worked so great that now I placed an order for 6 bottles. I'm going to give some to my friends. Passion Rx really works. Ron, Indiana

Q. I tried Passion Rx when you first came out with it years ago. With your first version I would notice enhanced libido usually by the end of the first week, but the erections were half good. I also thought it was too stimulating as far as energy.  Your revised Passion Rx is such an improvement! it's actually excellent! I noticed you added a few more herbs and changed some of the dosages. I wanted to let you know that I now notice more libido and especially a strong erection while touching myself about two to three days after I take one capsule. I can go on all day if I wanted to. What's interesting is that I can get my work done and pay attention to other things (actually your product makes me feel motivated and I can get more work done) but when I start paying attention to my sensual side, the sensation is unbelievable. I love the new Passion Rx. Congratulations on revising it and improving it. Bradford, 49, Manhattan

Q. You couldn't have chosen a better name for your product. I took 1 capsule each day for 2 days then skipped a day. Wow! I have used both Viagra and Lavitra but neither had the passionate effect along with the firmness where I need it like passion Rx. At first I thought I was one of the few that wouldn't get the full effect but I got my moneys worth plus! Thank you for a wonderful product, I will definitely order more! Charles ( age 55 ) Illinois

Q. All my adult life I have had depression and low libido, had tried Paxil and Zoloft without too much help. I have to tell you, since I've been taking Passion Rx, I am now energetic, have great libido, and so much better mood. I actually was motivated to clean my house today, and I enjoyed it. I have good, steady energy, but best of all is the great libido! Linda, 48, Tennessee

Q. Passion Rx is truly an amazing herbal product. You really have something here, I notice the effects within four days, not only with libido, but with sustained erections. I can't believe an herbal product can work so well. Harvey, 58.

Q. Dr. Sahelian, I wanted to let you know that you have formulated something that really works, and I mean it Really works. I notice the effects within 3 days of taking a capsule. I have more sensation, a heightened interest in intimacy, and better mood, more energy, and I feel more talkative and interested in engaging in conversation. I can truly say that my climaxes are as powerful now as they were in my 20s. Clara, 49.

Q. I bought Passion Rx for myself since I'm now 51 and my important part is not responding as well as before. I have been skeptical of herbal libido products but since I've read Dr. Sahelian's books for a long time, including his Mind Boosters book and I read his new one Natural Sex Boosters, I trust his opinion. He formulated this product and he says it works. Well, my first morning I took a capsule and then again the second morning, and within a few hours I could tell it was working. I had more energy and more sexual thoughts, and my private member woke up and stayed awake all day. My wife was pleasantly surprised when I approached her while she was in the kitchen. Interestingly, I notice the effects even more the third day I take it. I stopped taking it the fourth day and the lovemaking was still great! Now my wife takes it... she says she has to "keep up with me." Passion Rx is a great product. The side effects I notice when I take 2 capsules are too much energy, insomnia and sweating under the arms. I only take it now 3 days a week, that's all I seem to need. Drew, 39

Q. I think you have improved much on your newer version of Passion Rx. This is my third time reordering 2 bottles. With the newer Passion Rx I find that it works for me within two to three days, my erections are stronger and longer lasting, and my body temperature does not rise as much.

Q. My husband and I are so grateful to you for all your skill and knowledge in putting together a great formulas. Our love life has been resurrected!  Andrea, 45.

Q. It's hard to believe that herbs can be this powerful. I've taken Viagra in the past and i liked it except that it gave me a feeling of not feeling well, stuffy nose and headache. The erections were good, but the overall sex was not satisfying. I've been skeptical of herbal sex products but because of Dr. Sahelian's reputation, I decided to try Passion rx. The first morning, on a friday, I took a capsule before breakfast and went to work that day. I noticed a big energy boost, some increased libido interest, and mental focus. Got so much done at work! I really noticed the energy much more than the sex part. On saturday morning I took it again, about 8:30 am, and within an hour i felt a spontaneous erection and sensation down below that started preoccupying me. All I could think of was having sex. My wife had just left to go shopping... I couldn't wait till she got home. My erection during intercourse seemed to last forever. She asked me if I had taken viagra and I said no, an herbal product. Not only was the erection great, but the sensation was phenomenal and the orgasm really powerful. It felt so good... I thought I was 20 years younger! Brett, 49

Q. I've never had a libido my whole life. I've had several boyfriends and now I'm married for a second time. I got Passion Rx in the mail and was excited to try it the next morning. I know your website says to start in low dosages, but I was too eager to get a result. By the way, I haven't had periods for 3 months. Anyway, I took two capsules the next morning and within an hour, I swear, I had a libido. I can't believe it. Send me six bottles. Also, since I've taken Passion Rx, my menopausal symptoms have eased. I'm not sure if the Passion is related to this. Marlene, 52.

Q. My husband gave me a few capsules. I've always been skeptical of herbal aphrodisiacs. So I took one in the morning, didn't notice much that day. The next morning I took another capsule. That afternoon I was cleaning my house when my thoughts went south and I became real horny... My husband was still at work, so I had to make myself happy. The sensation was more pleasurable that I can remember in decades. Lorraine, 46.

Q. I will say however, that I took the Passion Rx two days consecutively and the third day I DEFINITELY felt the effects.

Q. Recently I found myself needing more help with libido and erections, started looking around and found your website. Your website appealed to me because you appeared to provide credible information in the form of actual research report abstracts, without distortion or hype, and based on your clinical experience, and your conservative guidance on dosages. You also steered away from some of the more extreme approaches I have seen such as Andro. As a result I decided to try Passion Rx. At first I did not notice your guidance to try smaller doses for older people (I am 60). I took one capsule per day and had mild headache. Bottom line, it works extremely well for me in libido and all aspects of performance. I have also noticed a particularly strong response about a day or two after taking a dose and have used it this way as well, with excellent results. I am cycling two days on and two days off as you recommend. I have been taking dhea with good results but am going to stop on your recommendations. If I restart I will use 5mg as you suggest and cycle a week on and off as I have seen others recommend. Age 60        

Q. I have trouble sleeping if I take more than one capsule, even if I take it in the morning. One capsule taken two days in a row seems to help me stay hard. I've noticed frequent morning erections since I've been on Passion Rx. Lou, 55.

Q. At first it took me 3 days to notice the sexual enhancement, predominantly in increased sensation, more sexual thoughts, and more sexual drive. But now I notice the same effects within a couple of hours after taking Passion Rx. Kathleen, 34

Q. You should tell your customers that Passion Rx really kicks in at its best the third day. I gave a few capsules to a friend and that's what he noticed, too. David, 51

Q. This is powerful stuff! I felt it the second day, and the third day it was even stronger.

Q. My wife has bad symptoms from having been removed from hormone therapy after five years and receiving no additional assistance from M.D. She has taken a total of six Passion Rx tablets over the past week or so - one each day two days on, two days off- and swears that the worst symptom (hot flashes) is gone for the first time in months.  She says she was cold last night for the first time in a year.  I told her that the Passion Rx should have had nothing to do with that but she seems convinced it did.   She says that it must have something in it that she needed.  Also for what it's worth, she is not much for taking medicine, and is pretty skeptical, so this opinion is worth a good deal.  In addition, in general, the Passion Rx  appears to be doing what it is supposed to do for both of us one capsule each day, two days on, two days off. Thanks again. I am impressed with the caring, friendly services of Physician Formulas.  

Q. I'm quite sensitive to pills. I feel things on tiny amounts that others don't, maybe because I'm a petite woman who weighs 102 lbs and I'm 62 years old. So I thought it would be safer if I took less than a capsule. I opened one before breakfast and poured out about half of it in the kitchen sink and swallowed the rest of the capsule. I was more energetic all afternoon and evening. At night is when I realized I was really in the mood when I got into bed with my boyfriend. Abigail, 62.

Q. My husband is 55 and he's diabetic, and I'm 52 in good health. He's been having problems with impotence for several years and we hardly are intimate anymore. He asked his doctor if he could take Passion Rx and the doctor approved to take one capsule. He took one pill two days in a row, and I did, too. We became our old selves again during the days of courtship many years ago; touching each other all day and kissing. Passion Rx is true to it's name. My husband is now able to have longer-lasting erections, enough to make me happy! Sally

Q. It's funny, but I only notice a sense of wellbeing and more energy when I take Passion Rx, even more than ginseng. It's only when I start masturbating or being intimate with my wife that I realize that this product is a powerful sexual enhancer. My orgasms are stronger, my erections last longer, and I just feel more passionate. Blake, 43.

Q. I wanted to start slow, so I only took one capsule in the morning every other morning. I didn't engage myself in any sexual activity, and frankly I didn't notice much except being more energetic. I didn't take any capsules the fourth day, which was Saturday. About noon my girlfriend came over and we started making out and soon went to the bedroom. I couldn't believe how much more passionate I had become. My erection was lasting on and on. Even after I came, we took a short nap, and I was ready again for round 2. A few hours later, I had round 3 and before the night was over I surpassed my record in the past decade and went to round 4! Randy, 46

Q. I'm 31 years old and consider myself to have a normal libido. Nevertheless I was curious to see what effects this product would have on me. I took a capsule in the morning and didn't notice much during the day, except slightly more energy. That evening, while being intimate with my girlfriend, she mentioned that I was being much more passionate than normal. I also realized that my endurance had increased and I was enjoying the overall experience much more. My erection stayed harder and longer. It's funny because I hadn't realized the product was working until I started engaging in the sexual activity. Randy, age 31.

Q. It was the second day of taking one capsule, about early afternoon while I was walking my dog around the neighborhood when I realized I was really horny. Every step that I took seemed to stimulate me. It was a really good feeling! I never realized herbs could be this powerful. I had tried ashwagandha by itself without too much help. Cindy, age 36.

Q. I love the colors of your label on the bottle. It is very beautiful.

See Questions for frequently asked questions

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Q. I recently purchased Passion Rx capsules. When I first used them the results were excellent. The second month, the reaction began  to diminish.
   A. As with many herbs and even pharmaceutical agents, sometimes there is a tolerance that develops if used continuously. It's a good idea to take a week off after 2 weeks of use. Many of us here at Physician Formulas use Passion Rx 2 or 3 days a week only and take a full week off each month. We have been doing this regimen for 3 years now without any problems and it still works great.

Q. I'm 41, in pretty good shape. I do suffer from depression and anxiety and taking medicine for depression called Wellbutrin at 300 mg a day, and taking Ambien for sleep. I bought your product awhile back and was very excited to use it. But I have to say, I have not got any results. I really want the product to work. Hell, if you could make it work for me, I'd buy another bottle. Please help me if you can.
We have not tested Passion Rx in combination with Wellbutrin and wonder if this medicine is preventing you from noticing the effects. Wellbutrin is supposed to work on the dopamine system, and perhaps regular use of this medicine has influenced the hypothalamus and other parts of the brain and body in such a way as to inhibit the effects from Passion Rx. Almost all types of sedatives or sleeping pills, such as Ambien, have a strong inhibitory effect on sex drive, sensation, and erectile function. Also, Passion Rx works much better on an empty stomach taken in the morning.

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Passion Rx Positive Effects
In addition to sexual enhancement, many people notice better mood, more energy, more stamina, more motivation, and clarity of vision.

Passion Rx Negative Effects
The negative effects are dose dependent, that is, the more capsules you take at one time, the more side effects are possible. The most common -- usually on 2 capsules -- are increased body temperature, restlessness, irritability, and excess energy that needs to be used up, along with insomnia. We recommend drinking cool or cold water if you take Passion Rx on a warm day. Very high doses may cause a feeling of heart pounding. We have not had reports of health problems after a year on the market. If you have any kind of medical condition, discuss with your doctor who may recommend starting with half a capsule daily as opposed to more than one.

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Depression move aside, Prozac...mood lifters without a prescription
Devil's claw anti-inflammatory herb from South Africa
DHA/fish oils study: omega deficit worse health threat than budget deficit
7-Keto-DHEA educate yourself before use
Diabetes it's not healthy to be too sweet
Diet do you have the will power?
DMAE focus your brain, a well-known mind/memory booster
DMG mind and sex booster
Dopamine the libido neurotransmitter

Echinacea common cold helper? jury hasn't made the decision: they're out sick
Energy lots of herbs that could help... but first focus on sleep, diet and exercise
Ephedra keep away for now... and quite likely a long time
Epimedium testimonials
Erectile dysfunction causes and natural options
EstroPause formulated by Dr. Sahelian for long term menopause support
Eurycoma asian aphrodisiac in Passion Rx
Evening primrose I still prefer fish oils
Evodiamine extract
Eyesight see the world brighter and clearer

Fatigue don't give up, energy is a renewable resource
Fennel herb
Female Libido surpass your boyfriend's or husband's libido
Fenugreek may help with sugar balance
Fertility natural options for male and female fertility
Feverfew for migraine
Fibroids difficult to treat, one Chinese herb may help
Fibromyalgia natural options could relieve pain
Fish oils for heart, blood vessels, eyes, and....
Flavonoids good news: there's plenty in dark chocolate!!
Flaxseed sprinkle some on your favorite vegetable soup
Forskolin smooth muscle operator
Fo-ti testimonials
Fructus Lycii, Chinese wolfberry

GABA does it cross the blood brain barrier?
Galantamine new Alzheimer's option
Garcinia Cambogia for stomach ulcers?
Genistein soy phytoestrogen
Ginger more than a sushi garnish
Ginkgo respected mind booster known in China for millennia
Glucomannan fiber for constipation and maybe weight loss
Glucosamine for arthritis... to begin, lob your Tylenol bottle in the trash can
Glutamine may be helpful in those with cancer and HIV
Gout it's the beef, pork, lamb, and seafood
Gotu kola Ayurvedic antioxidant
Graviola Amazonian fruit cancer fighter?
Grape seed immune enhancer, may help venous insufficiency
Green tea a cup a day keeps the doctor away
Guarana exotic caffeine source
Guggul for cholesterol... but controversial
Gymnema blood sugar helper

Hair why can't men be more like women?
Happiness take a One-Minute Happiness Quiz
Hawthorn for heart
Headache get to the source
Heart Disease help
Heart failure  beyond drugs -- CoQ10, Carnitine, Hawthorn
Hepatitis B and C a few natural options
Herbal-viagra information
HGH human growth hormone-- Honey, I shrunk my wallet!
HIV human immunodeficiency virus-- hopeful anti-viral herbs
Homocysteine unpopular words: high cholesterol, high homocysteine, high blood pressure, highjack
Hoodia skinny Kalahari Bushmen may be on to something
Hops count the sheep hopping over the fence
Horny Goat Weed will it make you horny, too?
Horse Chestnut let the veins flow freely
Human growth hormone supplements
Huperzine A Chinese club moss for memory and Alzheimer's
Hyaluronic acid joint helper -- but does it also work by the oral route?
deflate the pressure
Hyssop antiviral herbal tea from Biblical epochs

Immune system more complicated than you can imagine--nutrients and herbs to the rescue
Immuno-Shield formulated by Dr. Sahelian for immune system support
Inositol may be helpful in some psychiatric conditions
IP-6 anti-cancer properties look good in lab studies
Isoflavones good for everything? have another tofu cube

Joint Formula formulated by Dr. Sahelian for joint health support
Jujube testimonials

Kava palm trees and coconuts on the beach... South Pacific style
Khat fertility plant
Kidney Stones ...have you drank your six glasses of water today?

Maca erotic Incan herb from the high Andes 
Macular degeneration save your eyesight with antioxidants
Mangosteen testimonials
Melatonin dreams like you've never dreamed!
Menopause herbal alternatives... the controversy continues ad infinitum
Methylcobalamin long name for B12
Milk thistle Terminate your liver toxins
Mind Boosters: A Guide to Natural Supplements that Enhance Your Mind, Memory, and Mood
Morinda citrifolia see noni
Morinda officinalis extract
MSM so much said when so little is known
Mucuna Pruriens the dopamine dealer
Muira puama Brazilian Jungle Passion
Multiple sclerosis nerve fibers need insulation, too
Myasthenia Gravis creatine may be helpful

Natural Sex Boosters new book
NADH the dopamine connection: mind and sex booster
Noni blend a healthy Tahitian smoothie

Olive leaf the bug buster
Omega 3 fish oils for sale
Order page for products available for sale
Oregano herb
Osteoarthritis glucosamine vs ibuprofen: and the winner is....
Osteoporosis don't let sticks and stones break your bones

Pantethine active form of pantothenic acid
Pantothenic acid the mood enhancing B vitamin
Parkinson's disease save your substantia nigra before it shakes you
Passion flower passion with no anxiety
Passion Rx sexual pleasure pill for men and women, formulated by Dr. Sahelian... It works!
Pau D'arco South American anti-inflammatory
Perna canaliculus New Zealand mussel for arthritis and asthma
Petasites for migraines and allergies
Phaseolamin starch blocker or money flusher?
Phenylalanine amino acid energizer
Phosphatidylcholine known as lecithin... i'd rather have an omelet
Phosphatidylserine PS or BS?
Phytoestrogens Soy to the World... (sing to the tune of the Christmas song)
PMS these nutrients can help her  ... and indirectly other people in her life
Policosanol for cholesterol... but sadly, statins still better
Pregnenolone the grandmother of all steroid hormones
Prickly pear a hangover cactus?
Probiotics invite some friendly gut guests for an extended stay
Progesterone anyone not confused?
Propolis bee glue
Prostate let's get the flood gates wide open
Prostate cancer nutritional options
Prosta-Strong formulated by Dr. Sahelian for healthy prostate support
Psyllium be a regular guy or gal
Pygeum africanum saw palmetto's prostate buddy
Pyroglutamate smart drug?
Pyruvate another weight loss nutrient yet to prove itself

Quercetin not a queer flavonoid

Red clover for menopause
Reishi anti-tumor Chinese mushroom not to be confused with Reiki
Restless leg syndrome help
Resveratrol rationalize your red wine drinking habit
Rheumatoid arthritis is the Western diet partly to blame?
Rhodiola le adaptogen du jour (mentioned in Newsweek)
Ribose don't count on it if you plan to make it to the Olympics
Rooibos tea from South Africa... add one more box of tasty tea on your kitchen counter
Rosemary herb
Royal jelly your pet mouse will live longer on royal jelly!!
Rye pollen The Three Prostateers: Palmetto, Pollen, and Pygeum

SAM-e, S-adenosylmethionine Be Happier! mind booster, antidepressant, for arthritis
Sarsaparilla herb
Saw palmetto prostate protector
Schisandra hepatoprotective, adaptogenic, antioxidative... are you impressed?
Schizophrenia help
Seizure/Epilepsy maybe these suggestions will have some benefit
Serenoa repens testimonials
Serotonin can you solve your serotonin system? certainly!
Serrapeptase anti-inflammatory enzyme
Sex Drive helpers
Sex herbs that work
Sexual Enhancement products
Shankhapushpi an ancient Ayurvedic herb, not a yoga posture
Shilajit / Shilajeet high in the Himalayas
Silymarin be kind to your liver
Sitosterol found in soy for prostate and cholesterol
Sleep my favorite activity
Spirulina a blue-green algae
Stevia no calorie sweetener. "Sweet Drinks are Made of These" The Stevia Cookbook
Stinging nettle anti-inflammatory
St. John's wort don't worry, be happy
Stroke prevent this scenario: three strokes and you're out
Suma (pfaffia paniculata) for better sex, energy... and everything that ails you?

Ulcer herbs that may be helpful for stomach and peptic ulcers

Valerian anti-anxiety sedative
Vegetarian ah, the never ending dilemma...
Vinpocetine periwinkle plant brain booster, may improve vision
Vision see the bright side
Vitamin B12 beyond anemia
Vitamin C what's the right dose?
Vitamin D let the sun shine
Vitamin E there's more to E than dl-alpha-- do all the tocopherols

Weight loss big and beautiful: the next stage of Western human evolution
Wolfberry testimonials

Yacon extract
Yerba mate for weight loss
Yohimbe better sex in one hour for men and women... if you can tolerate the side effects
Yoga one of the best anti-aging movement exercises you can do... read the latest research

Zinc lozenge for the common cold

Passion Rx testimonials page was last updated in January 2008.