Tumor growth inhibition with natural supplements, herbal remedies, and vitamin pills by Ray Sahelian, M.D.
April 12 2016

A tumor is an abnormal growth or mass of tissue. A tumor can be either benign or malignant. Nearly all tumors are examples of neoplasia. A tumor grows to form an abnormal mass. Tumors generally provide no useful function and grow at the expense of healthy tissues. A tumor may grow large enough to interfere with the proper functioning of nearby organs and tissues. Some developmental malformations or inflammatory masses may occasionally be referred to as tumors.

Cause of tumors, many reasons
Tumors are caused by abnormal regulation of cell division/. The cells multiply without much control by the body. Abnormalities of the immune system, which usually detects and blocks aberrant growth, can lead to tumors. Other causes include diet, tobacco, obesity, sedentary lifestyle, excessive alcohol consumption, radiation, genetic abnormalities, excessive sunlight exposure, benzene, and a number of other chemicals and toxins.

Natural supplements for tumor growth inhibition, alternative methods in prevention or control
There are many natural herbs and nutrients that have been shown in laboratory or animal studies to inhibit tumor growth, however less is known on their effect in humans. I will mention a few of these here but I want to emphasize that research in this area is quite early and no definite answers are yet available. Even if these supplements work, we don't know what the ideal dosage would be, how long to them for, whether they are effective combined with other supplement, or whether they are still effective when combined with prescription medications. Furthermore, what works in one person may not work in another, and different types of tumors may respond to different herbs or herbal combination. You may wish to read this page on cancer prevention and treatment with natural supplements.

Curcumin may help fight breast, colon, prostate, and tumors in other organs.

Mangosteen has powerful xanthones that have anti tumor potential.

Fish oil
J Cell Biochem. 2011. Combined supplementation of vanadium and fish oil suppresses tumor growth, cell proliferation and induces apoptosis in DMBA-induced rat mammary carcinogenesis.

Green Tea -- the polyphenolic compounds are protective against various forms of tumors.

Milk Thistle contains silymarin and other flavonoids that have been found to have anti-tumor action in bladder and prostate cancer cells.

Noni -- Noni fruit juice contains a polysaccharide-rich substance called noni-ppt with anti-tumor activity.

Reishi mushroom -- extracts from Reishi inhibit colon tumors in mice.

These are just examples of dozens or hundreds of herbs and nutrients that have anti tumor activity in vitro. Much more research is needed in humans to determine the role these natural supplements play in tumor growth inhibitions, and what the appropriate dosages would be for long term tumor prevention or acute cancer treatment.

Bull Cancer. May 2013. Medicinal plants in cancer patients: current practices and evaluation data. Many complementary and alternatives medicines are offered to patients with cancer. Among them, herbal medicines have a substantial place. These plants are mainly used to reduce adverse effects of anticancer treatments and for specific anticancer properties. Our review shows that only few clinical data support medicinal plants effectiveness in cancer patients. Arguments rely mainly on usual indications and pharmacological data for minimization of treatments toxicity while for the anticancer properties, on epidemiological and preclinical data. To inform and counsel patients and people around, healthcare professionals need to evaluate benefit-risk balance on evidence-based information. Because the medical decision should be shared with the patient, his beliefs and preferences have to be considered. When no adverse effect or drug interaction is associated with herbal medicine, we state that their use is acceptable. This paper discuss of potential risk and benefit of the most used medicinal plants by cancer patients.

Natural ways to reduce tumors or tumor growth
Diet is one of the most important factors in tumor growth. I recommend you follow suggestions for a healthy diet. Quit smoking, increase your physical activity, get a good night's sleep, and try to lead a relaxed, stress free life as much as possible.

Tumor natural treatment questions and emails
Q. I have a 13 yr old female dog of Queensland Healer/German Shorthaired Pointer who is insulin dependant diabetic, blind and who is medically documented with tumors too large and too numerous to operate on. Her care for the past 3 years is based on a wholistic diet of raw chicken and turkey canine food, filtered drinking water, Humalin N insulin and non-grain treats. Her environment is one of great love and comfort. Approximately two months ago I began giving Jersy Physician Formulas supplements, as part of her regiment, and I am writing to tell you about the effect it has had on the tumor growth in her. A large and pressing tumor on her sternum area, which could not be operated on, while pressing on her throat, causing her to "cak", has started to reduce in size and feels as if it is breaking into parts. Carefully feeling around, I can feel her breast bone, unlike before. Many of her other tumors running along her breast bone and ribs appear to be doing the same action of reducing in size and/or dissolving. When lying on her side, she seldom "caks", whereas before, she had many episodes each day. Along with blindness, which she, and I, have learned to handle, Jersy's muscle masses had begun to atrophy and her body was becoming boney, aside from the tumors. In noticing the reduction in tumor mass, I also am noticing an improvement in her muscle strength and body shape. In many ways she is doing better than what was normal over the past 3 years. The following supplements are what she is given 1x a day (with missed days each week): MultiVit Rx - 1 or 2, Joint Power Rx - 1 or 2, Mind Power - 1, Mangosteen - 1, Serrapeptase - 1. The Serrapeptase was not introduced until approximately 3 weeks ago. Just in the past several days has it become completely obvious that Jersy's tumors are undergoing a change for the better.I will let you know if any other changes occur that can only be traced back to Physician Formulas supplements. I also am taking the supplements, and as a polio survivor, experiencing PPS, I am pleased to say I feel less fatigued, clearer minded and my reserves of energy go farther for the most part. My libido is also benefiting! Thank you.