VigRx Unfair competition and trademark infringement by Ray Sahelian, M.D.
Unfair comparison of VigRx pill to Passion Rx

We generally do not review or comment on other products except when a company mentions one of the products Dr. Sahelian has formulated in a deceitful way. Hence, when we received an email from a consumer asking why Passion Rx was mentioned as a product ranking lower than another product called VigRx, we searched the internet and found that on the keyword Passion Rx on yahoo and google, a website called Penis Review was using Passion Rx to steer customers to a product called VigRx by Albion Medical (or Leading Edge Herbals based out of Greeley, CO). This triggered us to create this page to set the matter straight regarding details about VigRx and Albion Medical or Leading Edge Herbals.
   Apparently VigRx is now promoting an " improved " version of their product called VigRx They have added three new ingredients to their existing VigRx product. These three ingredients are Bioperine, damiana, and tribulus.


   September 2009: it appears that the Passion Rx review has been removed from the Penis Review web site, but we will search for other sites associated with Leading Edge Herbals to see if other reviews exist that fall in the category of unfair competition.


Question received by email
Q. Hi, I was doing a search for Passion-Rx  on yahoo and came across a website called Penis Review. This website was claiming that VigRx is a number one pick and had ranked Passion Rx lower. Can you tell me more about VigRx. Does this natural sexual enhancement pill work? Do you have a VigRx review. I also wanted to know if there had been any studies regarding the comparison of VigRx and Passion Rx. How does the website Penis Review know whether VigRx is better than other sex products? Can you provide a VigRx review?
     A. There are several so called sexual product review sites on the internet that make it appear that they are independent but are actually a front for the company that sells the top listed product. One such notorious site is Penis Review. In the case of VigRx, we have not tested this product ourselves, so we don't have a VigRx review. VigRx sellers claim that their product is number 1 from a list of dozens of products. Now, how would they know this. Did they hire a group of sex experts at an academic center and tested dozens of products in thousands of people with a double blind placebo trial? Of course not. Therefore, just the fact that these VigRx sellers are making these kinds of claims immediately says a lot about their integrity, or lack thereof.
     In our opinion, another website whose information we question is Sexual Enhancement Review dot com. As you will notice, their top pick is VigRx pill, which lead it is the people who make VigRx who actually run the Sexual Enhancement Review dot com web site or are, in some way, associated with them. We really don't understand why VigRx sellers feel the need to put down other products to sell theirs. You don't see Honda running ads putting down Ford, or vice versa.

VigRx ingredients
Product Name: VigRx - They claim VigRx pill will increase penis size.
Company Name: Albion Medical and Leading Edge Herbals - Apparently they also sell another product called Vigorelle.
VigRx pill has the following ingredients:

VigRx has horny goat weed also know as epimedium
has cuscuta Seed
has ginkgo biloba
has red ginseng
has saw palmetto
has muira puama, catuaba, an herb from South America, and hawthorn berry.

This appears to be a proprietary blend since we can't tell by the VigRx website how many mg of each herb or total there is in Vig Rx.

Claims made by VigRx 
The ingredients included in the VigRx pill formula are blended to increase penis engorgement

No other product can compare with the results that VigRx pill produces
VigRx increases blood flow to your penis, without increasing your blood pressure. Plus, the ingredients in VigRX relax your nervous system, which further adds to penile health.
VigRx gives you a Harder, Longer-Lasting Erection
VigRx is 100% Safe, Natural and Effective!
VigRx Ignites Your Sexual Performance

Bottom LIne on VigRx Review
The sellers of VigRx pill have not done any published studies that we are aware of to back up their claim that VigRx pill is any better than the hundreds of other sexual enhancement products on the market, including Passion Rx. The ingredients in VigRx pill are quite similar to many other sex enhancement herbal products. We question the integrity of the sellers of VigRx. VigRx does have good ingredients, but so do dozens of other penis enhancement and libido products on the market. We can't do a VigRx review since we don't plan to take this sex pill.


Emails about VigRx Pill and Oil

Q. I read the VigRx webpage where they claim VigRx causes penis enhancement. What is meant by penis enhancement, does it mean the penis gets bigger? I'll wait for your response before I get VigRx.
   A. Some companies use the term penis enhancement to mean that the product causes the penis to be as large as it can be when maximally aroused, and other companies use penis enhancement to mean that the herbal sex product actually increases the size of the penis. The latter claim is not allowed by the FDA. Other, more clever companies, use the term penis enhancement to suggest that the penis is getting bigger, but don't actually come out and make the claim, thus making a sale yet avoiding getting a letter by the FDA for false claims. We don't know what the people at VigRx mean, you would have to ask them before you get VigRx.


Q. What is your opinion on VigRx Oil. Before I buy VigRx oil, I thought I would ask you guys since you seem to provide great research.
   A. We don't have any experience with VigRx oil, and we don't plan to try VigRx oil since we don't have much confidence in the marketing practices of Albion Medical and Leading Edge Herbals.


Q. Where can I buy VigRx pill for man from a reliable store? Is it a scam? Does VigRx really work? Do you have VigRx results? Also, what store has cheap VigRx?
   A. You can buy VigRx pill from a number of online stores, including vigrx dot com, we really don't know which are legit and which online discount VigRx store is a scam. We don't plan to take a VigRx pill to see if it works or not. You can search the net to find a cheap VigRx store online.


Q. I buy VigRx penis enlargement pill. Will I get bigger penis for me?
   A. We don't think VigRx is being promoted mainly as a penis enlargement pill, but we could be wrong. We are not aware of any products that enlarge a penis beyond its maximal anatomical length under ideal stimulation.


Q. i am taking the Vigrx plus herbal pills and i just bought tribulus terrestris pills, i understand that the Vigrx plus pills has tribululs as an ingredient, my question would it be okay to take a tribulus pill with the Vigrx plus pills.
   A. As a general rule it is best to learn for a week or two how each herb or herbal formula works by itself before considering combinations.


Q. I am 33yrs old and I have taken 5 mg of Norvasc and 50 mg of atenonol since I was 22. Never had any problems blood pressure usually runs around 128 over 70 or so. I don't drink or smoke and I am in good health. Just was wanting to try VigRx plus or some male enhancement.
   A. We are not familiar with the use of VigRx and don't know what interactions it would have with blood pressure medications. In general, though, many herbs used for sexual enhancement do increase heart rate and some may increase blood pressure. It is not easy to give simple answers as to which sexual formula or individual herb would be best to use. If your doctor does decide for you to try a sex enhancing herb, the dosage should be kept low.


Q. I've been doing a small research in the internet about pills for male enhancement. what i've found was a bunch of different medications and each of them claim to be the best. After making a comparison in reviews i thought about buying the Endowmax pills. i've never used any kind of enlargement or stimulating medications before, so i really need an advice of a professional. What concerns me most of all are the possible side effects. as i understood all the products of this kind increase the blood flow and thus stimulate the growth of penis (at least as the web-sites say). but isn't it a bit dangerous? i mean may there be any capillary
ruptures or stretchings? I also read a lot about a product called Vigrx. They're carrying out a rather aggressive advertising company, that's what i noticed. so another question would be - which one to chose - Endowmax or Vigrx? i'm not only interested in penis enlargement possibilities (i'm actually quite sceptical about the possibilities of pill-enlargement) but most of all in preventing premature ejaculations. this is the main problem for me - ejaculations happen too fast, which cannot make neither me nor my girlfriend happy. I really want to make a right choice. so to make it shorter let's say i have two major questions: don't
this kind of pills have side-effects? and will it really help me to control the orgasms better?
   A. We have not tried either Endowmax nor VigRx, so we don't know how well they work or whether they have side effects. You are right to be skeptical of pills that promise penis enlargement. We see no reason to be concerned about capillary ruptures. Many herbal sexual enhancers do have side effects including rapid heart beat and insomnia. See also premature ejaculation information.


Help me to compare Zenerx, VigRx and Duramale. Which one do you recommend?
   I have not seen any research studies with these products so I have no idea how they compare to each other.