Virility Foods and natural products, does diet improve it? A review of virility pills and herbal formulas, by Ray Sahelian, M.D. 
February 24 2014

Is there such a thing as a virility food ?
To my knowledge, no particular food enhances sexuality or can be considered a true virility food if the expectation is that results would be noticed within a brief period of time, such as an hour or two. It is possible, though, that fish or seafood could be considered to be virility foods in the long run since fish provides long-chained fatty acids such as DHA and EPA found in fish oils. These fish oils could improve blood flow to the genital region and also have beneficial effects on seminal fluid and sperm. A healthy diet with a wide range of healthy foods could certainly be considered to have virility potential since in the long run those who are physically and mentally healthy are more likely to have optimal sexual function. I have found the herbs and spices garlic, onion, and ginger to be quite effective.

Virility food questions
Q. I read an article on the internet regarding virility foods. In it, the author, Dustin Driver, claims the following are virility foods. He says that oysters have a lot of zinc, tomatoes have lycopene and vitamin C, almonds have arginine, an amino acid that is a key part of the erection process. walnuts contain arginine also, chilies or spicy chilies have capsaicin, and celery contains the hormone androsterone.
   A. I would hardly call these virility foods and the rational behind the explanations seems to lack an understanding of how these nutrients work. Oysters may have a lot of zinc, but it is unlikely that zinc deficiency is causing lack of libido in people in the US. I am not aware of lycopene having any significant effect on sexuality. arginine has to be consumed in massive amounts to have any effect, and even then it is transient and minimal, and hence you could lead yourself with enough almonds and walnuts to blow up your belly but that don't expect another part of your body in question to blow up. Capsaicin has not been studied adequately as a virility food ingredient and the amount of androsterone in celery is negligible. You can try eating a few pounds of celery and it is unlikely you will be sexually aroused.

I was wondering what would happen if I took virility pills while taking an MAOI. Would it overstimulate me? Could it block out the effects of the MAOI or vice versa?
    There are quite a number of virility pills that are sold over the counter, each with its own set of herbs and different formula. As a general rule, most virility pills have sexual herbs that have a stimulating nature that may not interact well in people who take MAO inhibitors.