Vitality supplements and how they can help you become more energetic - List of Natural Vitality vitamins
March 20 2016

We all wish to feel vital and energetic all day long. Are there natural ways to achieve this? Of course. Daily walks, exercise, and deep sleep are essential. Sometimes natural supplements can be of benefit, and so can the choice of proper vitality enhancing foods.

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Products formulated
5-HTP serotonin precursor... serotonin is involved in mood, appetite, impulse control, relaxation, and sleep
Acetyl-l-carnitine  involved in brain energy metabolism... does it have anti-aging properties?
Acne a blemish on dermatologists... diet advice may have been wrong for decades
ADHD sit still and read this
Allergy practical and natural suggestions provided
Alzheimer's disease are some supplements as powerful as pharmaceutical drugs?
Andrographis immune herb, many potential uses, including Familial Mediterranean Fever
Androstenedione legitimate father of testosterone and estrogens
Antioxidants should you take any? will they slow aging?
Anxiety don't worry... mother nature has an herb for you
Aphrodisiacs natural herbs and nutrients that really work! See Passion Rx for more information.
Arginine is one of the amino acids.
Arjuna ancient heart helper
Arthritis any good alternatives to stop the snap, crackle and pop?
Ashwagandha laid-back Ayurvedic lovemaking
Asthma breathe a clear sigh of relief
Autism some dietary options are worth a try
Avena Sativa sow your wild oats... but just for breakfast.
passiflora also known as Passion-Flower, which is available over the counter as a supplement.
saw palmetto for health prostate function

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Herbal vitality
The following herbs can provide vitality, maca, suma, rhodiola, and ginseng.

Evid Based Complement Alternat Med. 2013. A systems-pharmacology analysis of herbal medicines used in health improvement treatment: predicting potential new drugs and targets. For thousands of years, tonic herbs have been successfully used all around the world to improve health, energy, and vitality. However, their underlying mechanisms of action in molecular/systems levels are still a mystery. In this work, two sets of tonic herbs, so called Qi-enriching herbs (QEH) and Blood-tonifying herbs (BTH) in TCM, were selected to elucidate why they can restore proper balance and harmony inside body, organ and energy system. Firstly, a pattern recognition model based on artificial neural network and discriminant analysis for assessing the molecular difference between QEH and BTH was developed. It is indicated that QEH compounds have high lipophilicity while BTH compounds possess high chemical reactivity. Secondly, a systematic investigation integrating ADME (absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion) prediction, target fishing and network analysis was performed and validated on these herbs to obtain the compound-target associations for reconstructing the biologically-meaningful networks. The results suggest QEH enhance physical strength, immune system and normal well-being, acting as adjuvant therapy for chronic disorders while BTH stimulate hematopoiesis function in body. As an emerging approach, the systems pharmacology model might facilitate to understand the mechanisms of action of the tonic herbs, which brings about new development for complementary and alternative medicine.

Natural vitality
Yoga is one of the best activities I know that provides natural vitality.

Vitality nutrition
Consider the diet options listed on this diet page for vitality through nutrition.

vitality supplement
vitality medical

I am no longer associated with these vitamin products
Advanced Ginkgo Smart -- Mind, Memory, and Mood support
EstroPause -- herbal support for Menopause years
Immuno-Shield -- Immune System support
3 in 1 Joint Formula -- Arthritis and joint pain support
Prosta Strong -- for healthy Prostate
Triple Boost -- for Energy and Motivation