Zenerx Review information by Ray Sahelian, M.D.'s Research Staff

We generally do not review or comment on other products except when a company mentions one of the products Dr. Sahelian has formulated in a deceitful way. Hence, when we received an email from a consumer asking why Passion Rx was mentioned as a product ranking lower than another product called Zenerx, we searched the internet and found that on a website called Impotence Guide, they were scaring consumers from using yohimbe and claiming that the yohimbe present in a version of Passion Rx was dangerous. In fact, Impotence Guide was using the keyword yohimbe to steer customers to a product called Zenerx by Everest Nutrition. This triggered us to create this page to set the matter straight regarding details about Zenerx and Everest Nutrition. We cached the page on the internet where these claims are made so that Everest Nutrition and Zenerx do not later claim that they never made such claims.

Question received by email
Q. Hi, I was doing a search for yohimbe on google and came across a website called Impotence Guide. This website was claiming that Zenerx is a number one pick and claimed that products such as Passion Rx were dangerous. Can you tell me more about Zenerx. Does Zenerx work? Do you have a Zenerx review. I also wanted to know if there had been any studies regarding the comparison of Zenerx and Passion-Rx . How does the website know whether Zenerx is better than other sex products?
     A. There are several so called sexual product review sites on the internet that make it appear that they are independent but are actually a front for the company that sells the top listed product. One such notorious site is Impotence Guide .com another side is Enhancement-Review.info. In the case of Zenerx, we have not tested this product ourselves, so we don't have a Zenerx review. Limited feedback from users of Zenerx has been mixed with one person noticing an increase in libido while four others were not satisfied. Zenerx sellers claim that their product is better than other sexual products. Now, how would they know this. Did they hire a group of sex experts at an academic center and tested the hundreds of sexual products in thousands of people with a double blind placebo trial? Of course not. Therefore, just the fact that these Zenerx sellers are making these kinds of claims immediately says a lot about their integrity, or lack thereof.

Zenerx ingredients
Product Name: Zenerx
Company Name: Everest Nutrition
Zenerx has the following ingredients:

Zenerx has similar ingredients as hundreds of other herbal sexual enhancers including horny goat weed, tribulus terrestris extract herb, tongkat ali, mucuna pruriens, maca, shilajit, and ashwagandha. We do not think it has Yohimbe Bark.

Claims made by Zenerx
Zenerx - All Natural 'Secret Herbal Formula Combines 2,504 Years of Wisdom With Modern Medicine To Create The Ultimate Male Enhancement & Virility Potion. (Note: How did they ever come up with 2504? Makes no sense.)

Then, you have these silly childish statements:
Zenerx gives you Bigger... Firmer... Stronger and With More Long Lasting Energy, You Can Please Your Lady Like Never Before... Anytime... Anywhere... (Remember Women Talk)

Try Zenerx Today and Become The Ultimate Master of Love That Every Woman Desires

Then this claim
 With All Natural Zenerx you get the Immediate Benefits of Viagra Plus Long-term Male Enhancement Results... 100% Guaranteed!

Zenerx Review
We have been asked to do a Zenerx review in terms of how well this product works. However we have no intention to review Zenerx. If we cannot trust the integrity of the marketers, we have difficulty in feeling comfortable ingesting this product. We have also been asked whether Zenerx has side effects and since we have not tested Zenerx, we don't know if this product has side effects.

Bottom LIne
The sellers of Zenerx have not done any studies that are published to back up their claim that Zenerx is any better than the hundreds of other sexual enhancement products on the market. Hence, they owe the public an apology for misleading and false advertising. The integrity of the sellers of Zenerx is seriously damaged.

Q. I would like to try Passion Rx with yohimbe product but I have read that Yohimbe is dangerous. Is this true? The Zenerx website says it is. Do you know anything about Marathon21? I just tried Marathon-21 and seems to give me stamina but nothing else of the claims it makes. Thanks for your help. It is very confusing, too many products for libido with too many claims!
   A. Many herbs or medicines have potential benefits and potential risks. If used wisely, the benefits can be maximized and the risks reduced. Same with yohimbe. If used appropriately and in the proper dosage, it can help significantly with sexual enhancement. If misused, it can lead to side effects. Passion Rx is also available without yohimbe.

Q. I took Zenerx for a few days but only had headache and restlessness. Am I supposed to notice the effects after a longer period of use?
   A. You may wish to ask this question to the people who sell Zenerx.

Q. I have seen ads comparing Zenerx to Viagra, are they similar?
   A. Zenerx and Viagra work in different ways. The mechanism of actions of herbs in Zenerx are very different than Viagra.

Q. How does Zenerx compare to other sexual products such as Orexis or Passion Rx in terms of sexual enhancement?
   A. We have no such research information to make such comparisons.

What if a combination of Passion Rx with Yohimbe and Zenerx takes place? I.e. Passion in the starting day and Zenerx the next one? Or something like that, but always having the alternation between days and with the normal doses. One and one capsule, nonetheless Zenerx are two capsules each serving, but it will be just one. After all that a rest of one or two days and then, starting again similarly.
    We have not tested this product to see whether it works or not or if it does how potent it is. It is best to take one product by itself for 2 weeks, then take a few days off and try the other product for 2 weeks to see how each one works by itself. Then, you can decide with your doctor if such combinations are appropriate for you.