Prostate Power Rx review, testimonials, ingredients, dietary supplement
June 17 2017
Formulated by Dr. Ray Sahelian, M.D.

Prostate Power Rx is carefully formulated with effective herbs and nutrients to provide optimal prostate health. Some users notice a slight sexual enhancement usually starting two or three days after beginning the pills.
This formula was carefully put together
after analyzing data from dozens of clinical trials involving the influence of herbs, herbal extracts and nutraceuticals on prostate tissue.

Benefits of this natural prostate formula
Q. Your website is vague about the benefits of taking Prostate Power Rx. Does your research show that it improves urinary function, reduces enlarged prostate gland, etc? I have an enlarged prostate and am considering green-light laser surgery, but would prefer to use herbs, instead of Avodart or Proscar, that have been proven to be effective in improving urinary function and shrinking a prostate gland. However, I am concerned about the adverse effects of Avodart and Proscar, particularly on sexual health and causing low libido and erectile dysfunction.
   A. Formulators and makers of natural products are not allowed by the FDA to make claims that the products cure or treat a medical condition. If they do, these products are then categorized as drugs. Therefore, we can't make any claims that Prostate Power Rx cures or treats prostate enlargement. However, keep in mind that Propecia, Proscar, and Avodart cause serious side effects including loss of sexual function, among other adverse reactions.

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Suggested use: Two capsules in the morning at least 15 minutes before breakfast

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Supplement Facts
Saw Palmetto extract (standardized to contain 45% fatty acids - serenoa repens fruit).
Stinging Nettle 4:1 extract (urtica diocia root)
Quercetin flavonoid
Rosemary 4:1 extract (Rosemarinus officinales leaf)
Beta Sitosterol Phystosterol complex, see also information on phytosterol benefits and side effects
Pygeum 4:1 bark extract (Pygeum Africanum)
Daidzein (standardized to contain 40% isoflavones)
Genistein (standardized to contain 40% isoflavones)
Lycopene, a tomato extract for prostate health
This natural prostate formula does not have
Pumpkin seed oil extract.

Combining with additional herbs for prostate health
Do I need to take additional saw palmetto with Prostate Power Rx?
   A. The herbal formulas has a high amount of saw palmetto. We don't see the reason to take additional saw palmetto.

Q. Why does it have saw palmetto standardized to 45% fatty acid- the other products that I have seen and used are standardized to 85-95% fatty acids.
   A. There is the option to use 160 mg twice daily of 85-90% saw palmetto extract, we felt 320 mg of 45 percent twice daily would be equivalent and provide additional beneficial substances in this product that are removed when making it too concentrated.

Q. I have been using Prostate Miracle which contains 300 mg of beta sitosterol with 15mg zinc and 100 mcg of selenium. I take 1 in the AM and 1 PM everyday. Is that considered too much? I've read the ingredients in Prostate Power Rx, 275 Beta sitosterols. What is exactly the other 75 mg? Is it a plant-derived sterol. Plant sterols or phytosterols are common components of plant foods, especially plant oils, seeds and nuts, cereals and legumes. I see you have Prostate Power with very little beta sitosterol.
   A. The use of herbs and herbal extracts for prostate health is not a hard science and science does not know at this time the ideal combinations and dosages of various herbs, extracts, and nutrients that would make a good prostate formula. The best option, at this time, is to try different prostate formulas to see which one works better for you. One product may work for one person, another product may work for someone else. Prostate Power Rx focuses on saw palmetto, pygeum, stinging nettle and a few plant sterols while another product may emphasize another group of herbs or extracts used for prostate health. Those who wish to take more beta sitosterol can take it in addition as a supplement.

Use with prostate medications, Avodart, Proscar, finasteride, dutasteride
I am currently taking finasteride Proscar, do I need to reduce my dose if I am taking Prostate Power Rx?
   This is for your doctor to decide. The decision may depend on your overall symptoms. Some people may find a lower dosage of finasteride works just as well but each person is different. Often the 5 mg is just too much for most men and many do well on less.

Is it a good alternative to Avodart for prostate health?
   We have not done any studies comparing Prostate Power Rx to Avodart, so we can't say. Most of the time medications are usually much more potent but they also have a much higher risk and side effect profile.

Use with blood thinners
We have not tested this prostate herbal formula in those with blood coagulation problems or on aspirin or Plavix, so we do not know if there are any interactions but we do not expect any.

Use with dietary supplements
Can Prostate Power Rx be taken the same day as Mind Power Rx?
   A. As long as only one capsule of each is taken. We don't suggest using two capsules of Prostate Power Rx and Mind Power Rx, used for healthy brain function and memory.

What about Serrapeptase blood clot dissolver?
   A. We don't expect untoward reactions but have approval by your doctor.

Use by a woman
Is it true that women are taking Prostate Power Rx to decrease hair loss?
Can a woman take the Prostrate Power Rx product to inhibit DHT?
    Some women have purchased this product but they have not told us the reasons.
Women can take Prostate Power Rx if they wish, however we have not done any trials to see whether this products blocks DHT. The individual ingredients in Prostate Power Rx may do so in some cases, but we have no studies to indicate what the combination of herbs in this product would do.

Passion Rx--- Formulated by Ray Sahelian, M.D.

Have the decades taken a toll on your sexual health? You're in luck.


Passion Rx is a highly popular sexual enhancement product for men and women that provides libido enhancing results that are sometimes seen within hours, but continue to improve the next day, and over several days of use. The potent herbal extracts in include Ashwagandha, Catuaba, Cnidium monnieri, Damiana, Horny goat weed, Maca, Muira puama, Passion flower, Rehmannia, Shilajit, Tribulus terrestris, tongkat ali  and a version with Yohimbe.

Q. Whenever I am looking for thoughtful, well-supported natural health information, I often come to your website. I have tried a couple of your products myself and found them to be useful. I also have one of your books, and with the information in it, I've achieved some great results. Will Prostate Power Rx and Passion Rx work well taken together and if so, how do you recommend mixing them? I'm investigating these supplements for my father who has prostate issues that apparently are affecting my parents' sex life.
   A. Many people do find that they work well together, but they should be taken on separate days. As a general guideline, Passion Rx can be taken 2 or 3 days a week whereas Prostate Power Rx can be taken on the days when Passion Rx is not taken. It may be a good idea to have one day a week when no supplements are taken.

Prostate Power Rx testimonials
Q. For some time now I have been taking Prostate Power Rx product and the symptoms that lead me to take it were waking several times during the night to pee, poor flow of urine, frequent urination during the day and dribbling. I am happy to say that the most serious of the symptoms have been dealt with and the others I now believe are due to some problem with the bladder which I will address adequately. In the beginning I was taking two capsules every day in the morning. After four months I started taking only one capsule per day and now on the eight month I am taking one capsule on alternate days. I would like to know if this is appropriate or if I should continue taking one pill every day. If that is the case then for how much longer should I take one pill daily. For the remaining symptoms ( frequent urination during the day, specially when the weather is cold, poor flow and dribbling) which I am attributing to the bladder, is there a product that you can recommend ?
    A. It's very difficult to recommend any specific treatment with limited information and without the ability to do a medical exam or review lab study results regarding your symptoms. As far as the use of this natural prostate product, each person is different in the dosage and frequency of use that works best for them. As a general rule it is best to use the least amount that works. One could stop it at times to see if symptoms return or not, but it is difficult to predict which course of action is best without having examined the prostate gland and knowing PSA levels, etc.

Q. For about nine months I had mixed results using another product that contained beta sitosterol 600 mg plus a number of minerals such as, Zinc, Copper, Manganese. I replaced the aforementioned supplement with Prostate Power Rx and within two to three weeks I experienced a truly significant improvement in my condition. Now after about six weeks of use I am a very happy camper. I now only get up during the night ,one or two times as opposed to three, four and sometimes five times. Also, during the day I have very much more control over my need to find a men's room. I highly recommend Prostate Power Rx. JB, Hollister, California

Q. Just a note you might pass on to takers of this Prostate Power Rx supplement: My husband has been taking this for over four years and notices a great difference in the less frequency of going to the bathroom. However, he now sees that it appears to be less effective than when he began taking it in the first place. What he has found out (by accident when he went on a trip and forgot to take the capsules with him) is that if he stops taking them for two weeks every once in a while, and then begins again, the effectiveness of the supplement goes back to its original strength for a period of months. We love your web site!
   A. This is very interesting, thank you for letting us know.

Q. I am 70 yrs old, uncircumcised and have not produced smegma for a long, long time which is normal as the body ages. However, after 1 to 1/2 weeks of taking 'Prostate Power Rx', I started producing smegma again.

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Side effects, adverse reactions
No major side effects have been reported to us since this product first came out in 2014.

Q. I took Prostate Power Rx starting about 1 month ago and followed the instructions on the bottle of 2 capsules daily before meals. This past week I started to notice some tingling in my feet, this gradually grew worse and yesterday was the last time I took any of this product, taking just 1 in the morning. I've never experienced this problem before and my feet seem to be getting worse and it has me quite concerned as today I am experiencing some numbness.  This is the only new product I have tried in the last month and can't find anything else in my routine of supplements that is different except this product. I am an avid fitness buff and I was actually worried about diabetes but I don't have the symptoms of that and am not experiencing any foot swelling or discoloration. Is there any herb in this product that could be producing this effect? the sting nettles Urtica Diocia? If it is something in the Prostate Power Rx, how long of laying-off or refraining from taking it before the ingredients of this product make their way out of my body?
   A. This is the only report we have heard of this after 10 years of developing Prostate Power Rx. We suggest taking a break for a week or two. If it still is there, consult with your doctor. If if you do resume taking Prostate Power Rx, use one capsule every other day.

Testosterone effect
Q. I had a vasectomy about 12 years ago. It seems I now have erectile dysfunction. I have tried some herbs that have helped, Steel Libido for example. However, some of these herbs increase testosterone. That my be my problem. Therefore, I was thinking of purchasing Prostate Power Rx and your Passion Rx. Are these 2 products compatible? It seems one will increase testosterone while the other will diminish it.
   A. Some of the herbs in Prostate Power Rx may locally block testosterone in prostate tissue. As to Passion Rx, it is difficult to say exactly how it works since it has 15 herbs and each herb has hundreds of compounds in it, therefore it is too complicated to know all the influences it has on hormones or brain and body chemistry. We just know the end result that it works. And most people do not need to take Passion Rx every day.

Interactions with medications
Q. Since 5 years I am taking Hytrin 2mg or sometimes Flomax 0.4mg. Can I take Protate Power Rx along with Hytrin at the same time?
   A. Each person has a different response to Prostate Power Rx and pharmaceutical medicines, therefore it is impossible to give advice that would apply to everyone. One option is to discuss with your doctor to see if the dosage of the medicines can be lowered while using a capsule of Prostate Power Rx, and then see over time how your prostate is doing. It may take trial and error to find out how to best combine the herbs and the drugs.

PSA level
Q. Hello from Australia. Have been studying your web site for the past few evenings and was very interested in an article on genistein. I was also reading about genistien on a Cancer Awareness Foundation Web Site. I am 77 years old, very good health and keep very active. Do not drink alcohol or smoke. I do not have any of the usual symptoms associated with prostate cancer. I have tried to keep my PSA down over the past few years with natural medications, and the medication that did the job best was Prostasol, which was sent to me from the USA. Apparently this is not available for me to purchase now, leaving me without any medication to combat this problem. My urologist is happy for me to have alternative medication if it keeps the PSA at a low level. Noticed Prostate Power Rx mentioned in your article and my query would this medication be of assistance to me to lower my PSA.
   A. Our best selling prostate formula is Prostate Power Rx which has many of the top ingredients for prostate health. FDA does not allow us to make claims about natural supplements regarding effectiveness for BPH, influence on PSA level, or that it prevents or treats prostate cancer.

Q. I would like to say that I'm very happy with Prostate Power Rx as in the last 5 years my PSA has ranged from 0.6 to 0.9. A PSA below 2.0 is best for any age, while at my age of 64, less than 4.5 is considered good.

On the legal front with Prostate Rx and Prostate Power Rx
In 2006, Saw Palmetto Berries Co-Op of Naples, Florida, led by Gregory Zaino, retained an attorney, Rakesh Amin, who sent Physician Formulas a letter. The letter by Rakesh Amin alleges that Physician Formulas, by promoting a product called "Prostate Power Rx", has violated the trademark "Prostate Rx" held by Saw Palmetto Berries Co-Op of Florida and Greg Zaino. Apparently, this company promotes a product called Prostate Rx which has saw palmetto as the primary ingredient. To the best of my knowledge, Gregory Zaino is the president of the company and owns the trademark Prostate Rx.
   However, there is no valid case here. The trademark only applies to the use of Prostate Rx, and no other variations. To make this clear, the United States Trademark and Patent office has already granted the use of a another trademark "Prostate Health Rx" to another company called Eniva. Having done so, the USPTO has already made it quite clear that they do not see any variations of Prostate Rx to infringe on the Prostate Rx trademark. Therefore, if they granted Prostate Health Rx a trademark, then Prostate Power Rx should be perfectly fine. In addition, there is another product called "Prostate Rx" promoted by a company called Bio-Tech.
   This is a clear case of a company wasting their hard earned dollars on legal fees or trying to intimidate other companies just because they can. It's a shame that they are wasting their time on this frivolous issue. Their trademark only applies and is limited to Prostate Rx. You would think Rakesh Amin, the lawyer they hired, would be straightforward with the Saw Palmetto Berries Co-Op company CEO and officers and advise their client that they have no valid case. A search in google reveals that Rakesh Amin had previously represented a now defunct Multi Level Marketing company called Nutrition for Life. According to his website Amin Law, Rakesh Amin is a registered pharmacist, has a Juris Doctor and a Masters degree in Health Law and teaches FDA Law at DePaul University College of Law. Rakesh Amin also reports that Amin Law has registered USPTO patent attorneys. Therefore, with all this experience, why hasn't Rakesh Amin informed his client that they have no valid case? Rakesh Amin should know that "Prostate Rx" is generic and descriptive, hence is an extremely weak mark, even without the argument that the USPTO has already determined that variations of "Prostate Rx" as in "Prostate Health Rx" are perfectly acceptable. "Prostate Rx" is not an arbitrary and fanciful mark.
   If Rakesh Amin seeks to regain his integrity, he should apologize to Saw Palmetto Berries Co-op for not letting them know they have no case, and he should also send a letter of apology to Physician Formulas. In the future, Rakesh Amin may be well advised to take cases that are legit instead of wasting everyone's time and creating more negative energy on this planet. Gregory Zaino should also send a letter of apology to Physician Formulas. Doesn't he have anything better to do than to create more confrontation and negative energy on this planet?
   Addendum: In 2007 Physician Formulas was granted a trademark for the use of Prostate Power Rx.